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2 Weeks post Vas-is this normal?

My vasectomy was pretty normal for the most part. They put under because of how nervous I was, & when woke up, it was all over. I don’t remember much from our conversation, next thing I know, I’m at home. I took the usual 3 days, icing and resting. I wish I got & understood how important it was to have supportive underwear. Mine didn’t cut it and might have lead to further pain. Immense amount of bruising all over my scrotum and up my penis. My scrotum looks like a deflated balloon, having issues keeping it dry down there because it itches so bad after they shaved it, I’m using aloe Vera to keep it moisturized. Pain comes & goes in the scrotum, better now with supportive underwear. I would say a 4 at the moment. Only on 600mg of Ibuprofen, wish I had something better.

My question for everyone is the lump I feel on top of my left testicle, which pretty feels like a 3rd testicle, but size of a grape and shaped like a small prune. Is this normal experience 2 weeks after? A little tender to touch, but not pain full yet. I went to see the Urologist today and they said it’s normal to get sperm granulomas, and it should go away. Was hoping for a antibiotic or something to speed it along. Supposed to keep an eye on it and keep them posted.

My testicles are still a little soar, still very red, but the bruising has gone away for the most part compared to what it was. I have these weird sensations/zings that I will feel in different parts of my body that is new after the vasectomy. It’s not painful, just annoying. It’s like a quick shock I will feel in my foot, abs, upper thigh, shoulder, & penis, which weirds me out. Doesn’t happen often, just here and there, is that happen to anyone else?

I’ve tried masturbating, was very afraid to after reading other experiences. I waited for 10 days post, then gave it a try. I wasn’t what I expected, but wasn’t painful, maybe lucked out there. Haven’t tried to have sex with my wife though, I’m afraid of what that would feel like to let my balls free and swing freely this soon.

I’m always afraid something worse is going to happen, take longer to heal, or always have these pain feelings. I know there are way worse situations out there, and you all have my sympathy and prayers. This is not what I expected from others who say 2-3 days and fully recovered. Anyways, would love to hear back from others and their experience. I don’t feel like my wife understands or wants to talk about it. She has chronic pain due to medical issues, so mine seems little compared to her everyday life. Pain is pain and everyone deals with it differently.

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Welcome to the forum @VasSept25th and thanks for sharing your story.

This reads more like a hematoma to me. A hematoma would fit both your description and into your timeline nearly perfect as well.

Did someone qualified to make an educated diagnosis examine you at your last post op visit? Was there any mention of hematoma being a possibility, or did someone specifically diagnosis you with a sperm granuloma? I’m rather confused by the quote above - what you wrote and/or what someone told you.

Thank you for your response. The doctor specifically said sperm granuloma. No mention of Hematomas at all.


You might consider getting a second opinion. A sperm granuloma of that size, location, description, etc, at this point in your timeline doesn’t add up to me, but I’m not suggesting that it’s impossible.

BTW @VasSept25th, I found the first link I posted to be the most useful. I posted the other two links as more reference to post vasectomy lumps, bumps, etc.

Below is a quote from the first link I posted.

"Scrotal hematomas typically occur shortly after the vasectomy procedure. They are often accompanied by swelling, bruising, and pain.

The symptoms are dependent on the location, size, and cause of the hematoma, so it’s possible to develop a hematoma without showing all symptoms. A small hematoma may cause minimal swelling and discomfort, while a larger hematoma could result in extensive bruising and pain.

Scrotal hematomas vary in size. They may be so small they aren’t even noticeable, or so large they feel like a third testicle. The reason for this is that the loose skin of the scrotum can expand greatly and may not immediately provide the pressure necessary to stop the bleeding. In these scenarios, the hematoma won’t stop growing until it becomes big enough to apply pressure to the source of the bleeding, or a spontaneous clot appears.

A hematoma will generally feel like a lump or growth in the scrotum. This hematoma mass will eventually harden as the blood forming the hematoma clots".

Did you notice that there were 194 comments below that specific hematoma write up?

I will be curious to hear more as your story and/or timeline progresses.

Thank you for all that information. I messaged my doctor for clarification and he responded that it’s a Spermatocele not a sperm granuloma. At this moment there is no follow up needed unless it gets larger or painful. Guess we will see…

Wow. If it is indeed a spermatocele, that happened fast. Off the top of my head, you are the first I have read to get one so fast.

Thank you for the clarification and/or update.

I asked if he thought it was a Hematoma, he said it did not show signs of it based on its location and symptoms.

I’m going to keep asking, but appreciate all your messages. I really don’t know what to look for moving forward.

That is interesting. I suppose he’s the one that gave you the physical exam. He’s supposed to be the boss.

One would hope he knows what he is talking about…

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I’m not sure what good it would do to keep asking your doctor unless you feel confident that he is indeed wrong, or something goes haywire. I suppose it’s best to follow his advice until you see him again, get better, or which ever comes first.

Stay vigilant and keep an eye on things. But don’t fiddle with it to much.

Sounds like you got the scrotal support thing figured out already. Glad you got that part figured out.

Believe it or not, spermatocele isn’t typically listed as a common risk associated with vasectomy - especially right out the gates. The most comprehensive pre vasectomy paperwork generally doesn’t list it as a common risk either.

By saying that, I’m certainly not suggesting that it doesn’t happen, because we know it happens. There are a ~few spermatocele stories on this site, but you are by far the earliest that I am aware of.

I found the article below to be interesting.

Hang in there brother. If you ever have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

I appreciate it, thank you for everything!!

Hey @VasSept25th, I’m not sure if you read the thread below yet. It was started a couple days prior to this one. The thread doesn’t have anything to do with spermatocele/s, but several posters (including myself) get into the spermatic congestion aspect on a level that I want you to be aware of. I want you to be aware because spermatic congestion is definitely related and/or relevant to spermatocele/s.

I want you to be aware of as many potential thoughts and/or options you have at your discretion right now - not months from now. I’m not sure how much material you have read on this site, but I have thought about your case several times since yesterday evening and figured I’d reply to you again.

Anyway, here’s that thread.

I’m getting a ultra sound tomorrow. I should know what it is by end of day…hopefully

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I’m a doctor myself - radiologist. Can only speak from my own experience on this. But - prior to my vasectomy I really didn’t have much clue on what the potential complications were, only vague ideas. What’s worse - I’ve spoken to a number of urologists, and my impression is that they too really don’t know too much about the potential complications and timeline after vasectomy. Which means the advice given earlier is very good - read up and do your own research.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here, and guess that the swelling on top of your testicle is a swollen epididymus, and it might not be appreciated on ultrasound if the radiologist isn’t aware. So the ultrasound may come back as “normal”.

Thank you for the information…Update as of today. I don’t have pain in the scrotum area at all anymore. The Epididymitis does not hurt, nor does inflammation area. Not sure if that changes your thoughts on it. Either way we should find out if my doctor was correct on their diagnosis with an ultrasound, I hope…I will post what they find when I find out. I appreciate the feedback.

I developed epidimitis almost immediately and had severe pain for multiple weeks. I still have a lump and bigger than normal spermatic cord. pain slowly got better but for almost 2 years I had random pain occasionally and often times in the middle of the night and was fairly severe. Finally after 2.5 years I’m pain free. I take a few supplements for health and testosterone production and i’m not sure if they have helped me or just the passage of time. But I’m not changing anything cause being pain free is awesome.

I often think that I would have been better if I rode the pain out as I believe when they did the epididectomy was what made me worse. I absolutely hated the vasectomy and realize the pain was more likely me freaking out and trying to rectify it. Guys I think we have to accept what we had done is done.

11 days later and I’m still waiting to hear what the ultrasound results had to say. I hope you aren’t waiting on the results still. I’m still thinking you have a hematoma, but that’s just a guess based on your initial description, timeline, etc.

If you wondered why I wanted you to read that other thread, it’s because we have at least one spermatocele horror story posted on this website. I won’t get into details as there is no need to prematurely scare the crap out of anyone, but I didn’t want you to be next if indeed you really did have a spermatocele out the gates.

I hope you are doing well @VasSept25th. Please let us know what you found out since your last post, assuming you got the results by now.