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2 weeks 4 days...possible Epididymitis


So everything seemed to be healing fine early on. After week one I started to feel a dull ache in my right testicle. After feeling around I felt a lump above it. Became very worried and called my urologist. Went in today for him to tell me I might have possible Epididymitis. He prescribed me with two weeks of antibiotics. I still get the ache after a lot of being up and walking. Any advice moving forward in the early days?


I’m going to be super unhelpful and say give it time and take it easy. 2 weeks is very early.


Thanks for the unhelpfulness. Lol no but in all seriousness. Thank you.


Anything make it worse besides activity? For me, sex makes it worse which is indication of congestion of sperm. When my symptoms first started my vas doc recommended ibuprofen and heat. Heat (warm bath, hot rag, etc.) he said increases the vascularization of the tissue which allows body to help eliminate excess sperm. Also, we know heat reduces sperm production, etc. So something you might try. I had soreness in my perineal/prostate area a few weeks after vasectomy which warm baths and epsom salt resolved in a few days. For some, heat makes it worse though and ice helps. Also, would recommend good support underwear (but not too tight). Papaya seed is one more thing you could try. You can find lots of references to it on this formum, and seems to help some.


To be honest haven’t had sex since it started. Been afraid of making it worse. Tried a heat pack yesterday which felt good when I first out it on the location but later that night had probably the worst flair up to date. So far ice seems to be the way for me. Thanks for the recommendations.


Just a quick update. So I’ve been just relaxing…taking it easy. Taking my antibiotics, icing then following the icing with a warm bath. Ice for swelling warm bath for blood circulation. Things have been getting better little by little.

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Get as much rest as you can. I’m two months post no scapel V and walking/standing for long periods of time makes it way worse for me. Doc told me I had epididymitis and put me on antibiotics for 2 weeks, but don’t think it worked. Papaya seed powder definitely helps me with the “fullness feeling”. I took Celebrex for a week last week and felt fairly good. I stoped two days ago and the pain came back on my left side with a vengeance and can barely walk today. If you get shocks/twinges in your testicles, they haven’t gone away for me, but some days are better than others. I hope you heal a lot quicker than I am. Try and keep a clear mind since this depresses a lot of us.

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Quick update…so I’m 6 weeks and 4 days post vasectomy. I’ve been feeling a little better week by week. I started having discomfort on the left side as well as the right side about two weeks ago. Also developed the same small lump in the left side. Much smaller. Almost tick tack size. And now about pea size on the right. I’ve had two ultrasounds and both say a small cyst and both epididymides are fine as well as the testicles. Urologist says I just have to give it more time. He upped my prescription of gabapentin and told me to take Advil 3 times a day. Pain from standing and walking for long periods of time still exist but I’m trying to stay positive that it will resolve in time. He also suggested I switch from heat back to ice because the heat increases blood flow and with it being cyst related that may be better. Also has anyone had any resolve for the inside thigh ache? I’m feeling that right now. Just wanted to do a quick update. Thanks to the community. Stay positive :v:

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Im 2 months post op with very very similar symptoms down to the bumps.

I’m on 10 days of lovafloxacin and another steroid pack now hoping it will work.

I tried 4 weeks of bactrim without much help.

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@JayG @Alwayshurts

We seem to be on similar timelines and just wanted to give you guys an update. I going on 4 months post op and have had micro improvements, but still can’t walk too well because of the twinges/kick in the balls type feeling which seem to be getting a little better with time. I am in daily pain 2-3 pain scale and I just feel achy/heavy in the sack.

Sex definitely makes everything worse for me and I have to take easy the next day to recover. I have learned the twinges are coming from my balls moving too much or hitting my leg, but I can’t wear jocks or anything too tight since my epis seem to still be swollen. I usually ice after sex which helps since I automatically start to swell up after doing the deed.

Here is my daily regiment pelvic floor stretches every morning, vitamins (turmeric, pottasium citrate, vitamin e, primrose oil, papaya seed powder), ice, and Gabapentin. The pelvic floor PT definitely helps and I am now seeing specialist for this. She knows her stuff and I feel better after I see her. She does a lot hands on therapy with all my muscles external/internal since my pelvic floor is all out wack. The internal therapy is super painful, but I’m willing to do everything to get this resolved.

I’m hopeful since some guys got to 90-95% on here without surgery, but I am considering going the reversal route at month 6-7 which might be too soon? I think I’m going to get off the Gebapentin since it doesn’t seems to help with the twinges and it makes me feel all slow/foggy.

I hope you guys are trending better than me.


Are you still on Celebrex?


No, not anymore and I was on it maybe on month 2, but only for a couple weeks.