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2 months after vasectomy with very few answers

I am new to this forum and looking for help and support. I had a vasectomy May 8th 2019. There was a lot of swelling and pain on the right side following the surgery, but left side was totally normal. The surgeon who did the surgery has pretty much refused to see me. His nurse initially said that it is to be expected. I ended up seeing another surgeon when the pain didn’t subside after two weeks. The testicle was still swollen. This urologist gave me a 10 day course of Cipro which didn’t help much, so she extended that another 10 days which didn’t help either. After 6 weeks of persistent pain I saw another urologist who gave me a 10 day course of Doxy and did an ultrasound that was normal. It is now the 8th day of the course almost 2 months since surgery and the pain continues. I have a follow up, but likely I would be asked to just be patient and take nsaids. I still don’t know what is going on. It is clearly not an infection.

There is a dull ache which rides up to the lower abdomen and almost to the back. This gets worse during the day. The testicle itself is tender to touch. The pressure is relieved if I press hard close to the vas on the testicle.

This has taken a major toll on my life. No physical activity, no playing with kids, no sex or masturbation, can’t focus at work or athome, canceled vacations. Should I believe the urologist and wait patiently for the pain to go away or consider alternatives? Any and all help /comments welcomed.

A month and three weeks, you should be returned to normal. Find a doc who will work with you. Try ice, warm baths, ibuprofen, and tylenol. A little early for a reversal. Welcome to the club.

Man they brush you off no different than what they said to me. It’s all in your head. Well it’s not and you are not alone. I can’t offer you any advise mate as it took me 26 years to find relief stick to your guns and argue with them. Pain restricts you in all your activities some guys don’t get any pain others do. Best advice is don’t surrender to vasectomy

Or their wives do. mine still believes the Drs were right because I did not want to butchered through a vasectomy turns out i was and after all i suffered the bloody pain

I know it won’t help much, but you’re not alone. The loss of control is perhaps the worst part - no one takes you seriously and when they do, they find “nothing wrong”. I’ve had just about every organ down there checked and was terrified all the way. I was lucky in that my wife believes me. She has fibromyalgia - another “invisible pain” syndrome. I think that’s the key in all this mess - find support in those like you and plow forward. Don’t give up man!

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I had same issues… also on right side. I would say to give it more time. I’m five months out and only recently started improving. I talked to a reversal specialist recently and he said two things:

  1. No further surgery until at least a year post-vasectomy.
  2. take a month course of Aleve - one in morning and one at night.

Hope this helps.

Thanks. This helps. Hope the situation continues to improve for you. I have been taking Aleve, and recently Celecoxib now for about 10 days. The pain hasn’t improved at all. Planning to see a urologist tomorrow, but likely he would say the same thing as yours - to wait and continue meds.

Wondering how I am supposed to deal with the pain for another few months (up to an year). It gets really bad in the evening, without any activity and with meds. Are there other ways to eliminate pain? I haven’t even tried to have sex or ejaculate because of the pain. No exercise either. How can I sustain that for that long? Looking for advice if you have any…

Take papaya seed. It helps greatly. Many posts on here just search and read them.

My pain was low 3 out of 10 scale and had a lot of discomfort. It helped the discomfort and pain to come to “unnoticeable” levels.

My issues are far more serious than just discomfort though. I hope no one goes thru those but some are unfortunately.

In any case good luck!!

I had a similar issue for a few years after my vasectomy. As you’ll find on this site, everyone’s issue is unique and unfortunately no easy solution to the pain. My recommendation is to take your time reading success stories on this and other sites. Try to identify your specific pain and pain area as well as trigger points. Find a good post vasectomy pain specialists (your original doctor who performed the surgery is not usually the one to help). The antibiotics and anti inflammatory pills (otc and prescribed) seem to be worthless from my experience and from reading most posts. An open ended conversion resolved the pain for me and I’m 3-4 years out at this point (i only had pain on my left side). Feel free to look back at my old posts to see if there are similarities. Good luck and do your research. You will have to do as much as your doctor as you are the only one who can feel the pain.