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14+ weeks after reversal w/ Dr. Jarvi. Results so far

I had a vasectomy reversal performed by Dr. Jarvi at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Toronto. His recommended course was to remove part of the vas on the right, and reconnect the vas on the left. Or at least, that’s what I remember he recommended – as often happens after receiving surgery, memories turn blurry and become harder and harder to hold on to as time goes on.

For the first week after I had surgery, I actually felt really great. Yeah, a lot of swelling, but actually no real discomfort. Dr. Jarvi warned me that I would probably feel fine after the surgery, but then after about 5 days the pain would spike and after that gradually subside. For me, this happened about 10 days after I first received surgery: the pain spiked and was pretty bad for for about a week, but I was back to work by 14 days after surgery.

At 14+ weeks out from surgery, the results are both more and less satisfying than I had hoped for.

Before surgery, I frequently experienced an excruciating, stabbing pain in the right upper groin during sex, and this would often mark the beginning of a period of time – days to weeks – of dull, aching pain in the cords and testes. This pain could sometimes also be brought on by too much walking, hard impacts (running, misstepping, or jumping), or too much heavy lifting. In between episodes, I usually felt just fine.

After surgery, I was ready to return to sex slightly more than two weeks after surgery. Since then, I no longer have any discomfort at all during sex. Thus far, there is nothing I’ve done in bed that’s injured me. However, since the surgery, on a scale of 1-10 I’ve had a chronic 0.5 every day, and I still can’t run, jump, or endure a hard misstep without experiencing a little bit of discomfort (level 1-2.)

My job right now is to deliver mattresses, so I do a lot of heavy lifting – mattresses, boxsprings, bed bases, bed frames, mechanical bases, etc. – and I occasionally still get some lvl 2 pain for up to a day or maybe even two days if I’ve done some really, severely hard lifting.

So on the whole, I’ve traded occasionally excruciating pain for chronically distracting discomfort.

Compared to the beginning, yes – this is a big improvement for me – but it’s not the complete resolution that I was hoping for. I’m doing a telephone follow-up with Dr. Jarvi in about a week, and honestly I’d be shocked if he even suggested that we attempt any further surgical solutions. I can’t imagine him thinking that another surgery would be in my best interests, because both objectively and subjectively my pain has been either completely or almost entirely resolved.

I’d like to be able to run without discomfort, but there’s no guarantee that any surgical attempt will provide what I want, and any surgical attempt can possibly make the situation even worse.

Unless my pain somehow becomes dramatically worse, I’m pretty sure that I’m at the end of my surgical road. On the whole, I’m doing better than I was before. Generally, I got the outcome I wanted, but specifically I’m not totally happy with the results.


Hey brother, I am glad you are doing better, I would love to chat with you and pick your brain a bit. i had my reversal in March, and am still in some pain. i would like to just chat, you can email me at:, and then we can figure out the phone numbers and texts. I think that we might be able to help eachother. it’s a long road, with easy and tough days ahead.


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Update: I thought I wasn’t doing my phone consultation with Dr. Jarvi until next week, but turned out it was today. Good thing I have the same days off every week!

I told Dr. Jarvi about the outcomes, and he was really happy. Like I said here, I told him that where I am now is absolutely a big improvement over where I was before the surgery. The way he says it, 25% of guys who receive the procedure that I received will substantially improve after surgery, 50% of guys will marginally improve, and 25% don’t improve or might actually get worse.

What else Dr. Jarvi told me that somehow we didn’t already cover is that men who get the same procedure that I did will continue to improve for up to 6 months after receiving it. I’m about 3.5 months out from my reversal, so Dr. Jarvi thinks I might still see more improvement over the next ~2.5 months.

But yeah, as I expected: Dr. Jarvi thinks that unless somehow, for some bizarre reason my symptoms would actually get worse, this is as good as it gets for me, or at least, this is where his involvement ends.