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11 days post-Rt lower back and Hip Pain {now 30 Days}


10 month update- Well I saw Dr. Williams from the Dellon institute of peripheral nerves last week and the nerve blocks were inconclusive I had done. I didn’t get much of anything from II block and GF block seemed to give more results close to spermatic cord which is the opposite of previous blocks in the past. You can hit the II nerve while doing the GF nerve so who knows. My pain going in was low in the groin, testicle, and back. My worst pain lately is upper back into neck. I think those pains are from the muscle imbalance working extra and posture issues. the blocks helped the little pain in my groin and lower stomach. The mid back pain was reduced after GF block but I was maybe a 3 going in and it took me to 1.5. He doesn’t recommend nerve resection at this point. He said if I was a 6 and it took me to 0 then he would recommend nerve resection. He wants me to continue to work with pain management but do same day sequence blocks of II/IH and GF 15 to 20 minutes apart with steroids. I guess I will give that a try and I’m starting to think GF plays a bigger role in my issue now. It’s going to take some work to get the muscles to relax in my back and neck to see true impact of blocks. Early on I was getting 75% relief from II block but back pain was lower in SI joint. Now back pain is higher in mid back and neck but not as bad in SI joint. He didn’t see any hernia during ultra sound. I also plan to do some trigger point injections in back and neck while doing the blocks to help calm the muscles. Overall I am learning to live with the pain and getter through each day not missing out on to much. I am just in a lot discomfort and avoid most activities. The Dr. also mentioned he helps a lot of guys with complications from vasectomy’s and has had one himself. He thinks I have a neuroma or nerve caught in the cautery based on where the pain is at in my upper ball. He pushed all over my right groin and abdomen but it did not bother me much. I will continue to try what I consider conservative options and I am still considering right side only reversal.

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Well here I am at the 1 year mark. What a hell of a year. I have been chasing answers for a year mainly potential nerve damage. My pain has not been that much in the testicles although I have a hot spot on top of right boy but more body pain right groin, right hip, and my right lower back to neck. I have recently been diagnosed with a right labrum tear and adductor strains along with inflammation in right groin from MRI. My worst pain is typically mid back and neck but I chalk this up to muscle compensation for lower injuries and have ruled out back issues from other tests. I have pretty much quit taking all meds over the past couple months. I am able to make it through the days in some discomfort but doing better. I don’t think about it as much which is good. I don’t exercise much like in the past but can do some things. Looking back on my VAS I was locked up on right side as hard as I could for 5+ minutes in pain because the surgeon did not properly numb me. I wonder now if I tore my labrum at that time and this is my main issue? I feel like I’m getting closer to finding the answer and looking at other tests in the groin to see if I have other tears the MRI didn’t pick up. Of course I still hate the vasectomy and still considering reversal even if I find out it has nothing to do with my current issues.