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11 days post-Rt lower back and Hip Pain {now 30 Days}


I am 11 days post op. I had the traditional scalpel surgery. I felt everything on right side. Surgeon had to stop and give a second injection of pain med. I think he already had vas out and had to stop and start over. After second injection on right side I was fine and had no issues on left side. My balls feel fine now some minor pain here and there but I have pain in my inner left thigh about 8 inches lower than balls which radiates and comes and goes. I also have upper right hip pain which also radiates and comes and goes. I fear this is nerve issues. I am taking about 1200 mg ibuprofen and antibiotics. Called dr and he thinks it’s either a infection or inflammation pushing on my nerves. Anyone have this kind of pain In that short of time and should I be worried?


I had some of the same pains that have now went away. Your procedure sound’s pretty close to mine but it was the no scalpel, he had to stop for a min then continued. I was convinced it was nerve damage too but it’s gone and I just have an ache in my cord. I will be 4 weeks post on Tuesday. I wouldn’t worry to much my leg pains didnt go away until a few days ago. I would venture to say that it probably inflammation.

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I felt pain in the green and blue area. That’s why I thought nerve DAMAGE, but since it’s gone I think it was probably the inflammation pressing on something. Also be careful with antibiotics if there is no infection…


My right hip pain is in orange color area and left inner thigh pain is probably lower than the blue section. Just reading your comments give me some anxiety relief. I agree with antibiotics and don’t feel I need them but have been taking them anyway. Bactrim is the antibiotic and don’t see too many Major side effects. I am hoping the pain will subside.


I feel ya man. I was freaking out by day 11 As well considering I went into this expecting a 3 day recover and by day 11 my anxiety was on overload. I’m typically a calm person. Then 3 weeks hit and it was throught the roof. I won’t even lie I sat and cried one night thinking oh man I really messed up. I began to wonder if God was mad at me or something. No going on 4 weeks I’m starting to feel improvement, or at least I think so. It’s been a mental roller coaster but I am starting to feel better about things. I’m set to start a much more physical job than my current desk job in a few days so much of my anxiety was from that as well thinking I just left a job that wouldn’t be so bad with the pain for one that could make it worse. Your early I wouldn’t worry yet.


I forgot to add. I also beleive that some of the leg and hip pain is from walking funny after the procedure. You don’t realize it but your using joints and muscles in ways that your body isn’t used to.


Good point, I was wondering that and if sitting on recliner same way for extended time would also cause issues. Good to hear your doing well and good luck at new job. I had to take a few days off last week due to the pain. I’m testing and icing this weekend hoping I’m better by Monday.


Update, it’s been hard to sleep. Tonight I am having pulling pain in my lower right abdomen and some pain between my leg and scrotum also on the right side. O can really only lay on my back. If I lay on my side the pain is worse. I didn’t mention the first 5 minutes of the vacectomy was excruciating pain until I was given another shot of pain killers. The dr replied sorry about that must have missed the vas first time. I hope he didn’t mess anything up with a nerve. it was almost like he started over to give the second shot. My anxiety is high and I fear the worst. I know it’s only 11 days


My husband had those same types of pain early on. We freaked as well. You are very early in the process unfortunately. You can read in my post 5 weeks post vasectomy to read some of the things that have helped him. There are so many muscles in there that are now tense and you are using differently to compensate for that pain in the scrotum. Heat to loosen has helped my husband with everything. From heating pads to baths as long as your incision has closed. We waited too long to try it because the doctor said ice ice ice which helps the testicular pain, but does nothing for the muscle strain which can aggravate all those nerves.


Good advice I have been iceing, hot bath, and heating pad. I am going to quit taking the AB Bactrim. I think the side effects are playing havoc on my body which include insomnia, lower back pain, stomach pain, anxiety, depression, joint pain and the list goes on. I felt better before I was on this medicine but still had some pain. I am hoping the medicine exacerbated the situation and caused the additional pain.


This sounds so much like what I was dealing with. Like I said Tuesday will be four weeks and its still there but I feel like it’s slowly improving. I’m still taking ibuprofen and since I believe it’s muscle/inflammation I’m actually going to look I to getting some CBD oil to take instead of all these other pills. I know people who said it works wonders so it’s worth a shot.


JB, do you take anything for pain or just over the counter meds?


Right now I’m just doing 2 200mg Motrin liquid gels roughly every 6 hours. When I want total relief of all negative sensations I take one Norco (hydrocodone/Tylenol) that I have left from the op. I was given 30 tabs of that, that should have only lasted a week but I’ve managed to stretch it out. One because I got constipated and two I’m not big on taking opiates. But it is a nice mental break to feel nothing for a few hours once in awhile although I would be fine without. Today I was more active than usual and seem to be doing okay. Positive thoughts today.


I was handed that same prescription before the surgery. For a second, I hesitated and thought “He told me I wouldn’t have much pain, so why in the hell is he giving me 30 Norcos”. FML for not thinking that thought through more. Should have realized there no pain thing was BS. Stupidly, I tore it up when I got home too, thinking there’s no way I’m going to need these.

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I wasn’t even told at my consult that I would be given pain meds. The day of my op I was taken back into the room and the doc came in and asked what pharmacy I used and said he was calling me in a prescription. I just assumed it was some high strength ibuprofen or something I didn’t know it was a narcotic. I too would have questioned that a little bit.


Thanks JB I’m feeling little better today but still not able to go to work. Luckely I have some options to work from home on occasion which makes handling the pain easier. I was also given the Norco on way out of office and glad I took it. It’s needed sometimes. I really think taking the Bactrim played havoc on my body especially mentally. I haven’t slept or eaten in a few days, depression, anxiety, constipation a few days, and lower back and hip pain which could be side effects of Bactrim as well as vacetomy. I was thinking worst case scenario but slowly the Bactrim is working out of my system and I am feeling little better and more positive today. I have appointment with Surgeon this afternoon to talk about my pains. I’m sure he will tell me give it more time


Have you been evaluated by a chiropractor? I have had a lot of pains in my right side that seem to radiate down the thigh, out to the hip, into the back. Tough to sleep. Told to take ibuprofen and give it time. I went to a wellness doctor because that approach helped me years ago with headaches and found out that I had lots of subluxation leading to this pain and that vasectomy likely heightened it in the circuitry. I had one adjustment and noticed improvement so much that I will continue down this path.

Check out subluxation effects on L2, L3, L5 and also the sacrum. My guess is these pain spots will resonate with you too. Basically need to correct your nervous system circuitry. Worth exploring


I have a friend who is a chiropractor. I have reached out to him. The pain seems to move some days but really hurts when I try to sleep. This afternoon the pain seems to be more in the middle of my lower back.


I was told by my surgeon “I just need to get over it”. Those words exactly. I bought some cbd oil today I’m excited to try. The brand has really good reviews.

This is what I got and will be trying. It’s supposed to be good for pain, inflammation, depression, anxiety and many other things. I have a friend who uses it after long cycle rides and swears by it. And all the customer reviews seem to be good. It contains no thc so there are no psychoactive properties.


Try graminex flower pollen and /or marshmalllw root tea