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10 month post reversal and still in hell

So here I am, struggling through the physical and mental pain of this bullshit. Never have really felt great post reversal until dec 27, 1019. Thought I finally turned the corner after 10 months. Here I lie soaking in my tub, with constant pain at connection sites I guess, and I guess some pressure pain as well. What I thought was a problem, the reconnection sites, I am not even sure of anymore. Not even positive that the reversal has worked. Getting depressed and very moody now. I know this is a long road, but really dont know what else to do or how to think. Everyone seems to be doing better around 6 to 10 months. I feel like all old symptoms are coming back. Pain after sex is happening more often and that damn throbbing pain is back. Cant even pinpoint what upsets it. One day it’s one side, the next the other, then both. So done with this shit and hoping for a damn miracle. Thanks for listening to my rant and not trying to be a downer to you guys, but just fed up with this. Just like all ok f toy, wishing I never has this done. This is taking away my family ti.e, and filling my days off and evenings with lying on the couch, going to bed early instead of doing things with my kids and wife. So pissed that we are cheating ourselves and family out of good times. Praying this all turns around. Kids want to go play in the snow a d it’s the last thing I want to do, but am gonna force myself to do it. Just hate putting on the fake face for them, but also dont want them to know that daddy is in pain again, and then they stop asking to do things. L ln ease pray and lend advice. Its always positive to get from you guys!!


Hang in there, buddy. I’ll be 3 years out from reversal in April. Don’t let it get the best of you. Be proactive and do your best: acupuncture, pelvic floor therapy, pain specialist, etc. Prayer is #1. Without prayer and a great wife, I dare not say where I’d be now. 2020 has been pretty good, but 10 months of last year was very difficult.
Here are the things that seem to help me:

  1. Walking 1 mile+ per day (at first this seems counter-intuitive, but it increases bloodflow and releases chemicals that your body naturally needs to reduce pain/inflammation).
  2. Pelvic floor stretching (another user posted their stretches from their pelvic floor therapist, but I’d have to find it again)
  3. Alpha Lypoic Acid - it seemed to help with the “burning” sensation for me
  4. Curcumin/Ginger/Black Pepper (replaced aspirin, so I wouldn’t get an ulcer)
  5. Acupuncture

Ultimately, again, any improvement is by God’s grace. I feel like he led me to all the above, which each helped to some degree.

I pray for everyone on this forum, as well as everyone struggling to get pregnant, as I know all too well what both of those struggles are like.


Thanks man, just trying to get by like the rest of us. I know reversal isn’t a 100% cure but thought I would be better, much much better by now.

You should be man. Has it closed over again because of scar tissue

No idea, how do we know that? Sperm analysis? Some guys take over a year I thought.

Are you saying I should be much better?

We are all different but that would be something that I would get checked I had sperm at three month check so it is just a thought mate.

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I was in virtually the same situation as you when I was 10 months out from my reversal. I’ve never been more depressed and wanting to die than I was at that time. I remember telling my wife, “I wish that my life could just be taken from me.”

Miraculously, four months later, the pain had subsided a lot. Like, almost night and day difference. I remember telling my wife at that time, “If this is what it’s going to be like… I think I can do this kind of life.”

I wasn’t 100%. I’m still not 100% like I was pre-vas. But now it’s been almost four years since my reversal, and I’m living a full life again. I can play with my kids, exercise, have sex without pain… I still have some pain off and on, and I have some ED issues sometimes, but overall, I’m ok.

I hope and pray the same for you. Hang in there.


Hey Mike - sorry to hear you’re on such a long road to recovery. If it’s of any consolation, I know first-hand that nerves take a LONG time to calm down. I re-aggravated my left side April 2016 (nearly 10 years post-reversal) and it took 2-1/2 years, numerous injections, PT, pelvic PT, and meds to get the nerves calmed. I know that’s no solace, just wanted to let you know that your situation doesn’t have to be permanent. I know it feels permanent when you’re going through it…been there 3 times.

Best of luck to you.


have you had any SA (Semen Analysis) done at any point after your reversal to see if you are ‘flowing/open’ to rule out congestive potential issues?

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Sorry to hear you’re still experiencing invalidating pain.
Pain on and off aternating left and right? Maybe autoimmune? TRT might resolve these issues by lowering your spermatogenesis, hence lowering the autoimmune induced inflammation. Worth trying. I smear my daily dose of Testron and it helps me al lot.

Hang in there dude!


nope, keep asking my surgeon for one and he says it is not needed bc it is a pain issue not fertility. I will talk to him at my 1 year appt., and pretty much demand one, that way we have a baseline to compare to, and to help rule out congestion.

I will ask the dr. about this.

I know many guys say that it takes years for this to calm down. just freak out sometimes bc the pain is still there, and you read that some guys are doing great 3 to 6 months post reversal. just frustrating that it could take this long, and that there is no guarantee that I will get better. hope that time heals, but it is just rough going day by day through this, which you all understand what I am going through. I will continue to hang in there, I have no other choice. just wish I knew that it will be better with time.

Have you seen Shoskes?

Not recently. Dude has a bad attitude, grouchy half the time. I will see him soon though. Probably after 1 year mark. Which will be in 6 weeks.

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