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1 month post Vasectomy

Had my vas a month ago and was diagnosed with hematoma on left testicle side (despite putting enough ice post op and following docs orders).

Now I can almost function normally. Still discomfort/slight pain when not wearing 2 pieces of underwear. Wounds seem to have healed up okayish, except for pea sized lumps at both incision sites. Is still very sensitive, that area. The pulling sensation to left abdomen is vaguely present while masturbating.

So still hoping for full recovery…

Actually, it’s a crime all those doctors say you’ll heal up in 7 days. Just not true in my case (and i guess in many other cases). They should inform you of all the risks and predict a realistic recovery period.

Feel free to add any thoughts

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Yep :roll_eyes:

I don’t have any thoughts @QuestionMark , but I don’t want you feeling like nobody is listening to you.

Countless men have been in the same or similar boat. I’m certain that you’re recovery or whatever you want to call it was unexpected, but odds are that you will pull through this in time. There are many threads and/or individual posts on this site from others that were similar timeline. The majority of them seem to have gotten better, or better enough, and moved on.

Many of us are here to help a brother out wherever we can, so if you have any questions that you cannot seem to find answers to, please don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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I came here for answers too but I’m actually finding the reassurances of others who have gone through the same process to be more helpful.

I too fell for the ‘healed in a week’ well, my right side did, just not the left! I’ve also found I have done more research after the event than before… In fact I probably would have scared myself to the point of not going through with it had I done so.

Still, it is done now, just taking a little longer than expected, hoping to get some answers next week after a visit to the doc. Will keep you posted.

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