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1 month out, burning pain

@pnetts37 , I found this blog after undergoing a vasectomy feb 14, 2020. Been not even a week but uncanny how close your description of visual/symptoms are to my own. Marble sized lump, high on left side near base of penis, burning and tingling. I know its been a while since you posted, but hoping that you somehow return and see my reply. Hope things have improved with you. Take care.

@pnetts37 Hey, if you are around, are you able to provide an update on your situation? Do you still have the “cooling, numbnes/tingling sensations” or have they resolved? How about the marble sized lump has that gone away?

@Ajvilar Hey man, I have been dealing with this shit for 14 months. I have dealt with quite a bit since day 1 of my vasectomy Dec. 21, 2018 that required additional surgery Oct 24, 2019, feel free to read my posts.

The additional symptoms of burning/cooling/numbness in/on/around my scrotum started September 2019. Just got an “official” diagnoses of “cord granuloma” and Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome.

I was given Amitriptyline and been on it for 3 days. I can let you know how I do with it and if it helps me. Sorry you are in this shit. You are still early though, and odds are in your favor.

Hi, sorry for being so late with this. Thanks for your response, I appreciate it. 4 months in and Im still feeling the numb/dull/very uncomfortable feeling on left scrotum. This happens about 2x a week. Today I finally emailed my doctor and hopefully he takes a good look and has a clear cut diagnosis. I did mention this forum to him and relayed that many guys on here have yet to receive clarity on a specific cause. I have to also add that it was evident that my procedure didnt go smooth. The Doc took significantly longer on the left one and remember him tugging aggressively on it, and I developed a hematoma on the site that took about a month to mostly clear up after taking antibiotics.

Thanks for the update. Hope you continue to make improvements.