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1.5 years of post vasectomy pain - controlled with pain relievers


Just started really pursuing solutions for very specific left testicle / epididymis pain. I’d describe the pain as low level 3/10 constantly uncomfortable. I had a stint of time where I thought it was getting better about 6 months ago, but within the last 3 months it’s really flared up. If I consistently take 15mg of Meloxicam the pain seems to be pretty well controlled.

Just had an ultrasound done which came back ‘normal’. Anatomically you can feel that the left epididymis area has a bit of a lump. Not had great experiences with the local urologists. I was just referred to PT, no idea what good that would do. Since it seems like my pain is relatively well managed with medication, has anyone had good experiences with certain NSAIDs? I’m a bit concerned about taking Meloxicam long term. Maybe I shouldn’t be?

I went through the listing of providers on the forum, and in the PNW area it seems like most of the MDs on there are reversal people. It doesn’t seem I’d be a candidate for any surgeries because of the fact that the NSAID controls things pretty well. Would some sort of a pain doctor be a better option? I haven’t done tons of research, but I’ve read a bit about topical pain relievers working OK.