Where are the clips placed?


I’ve been trying to find where the clips are placed inside us? I haven’t been able to find it.

Experiencing a real set back these past three days. Pain a high of liek 5 and 6 hasn’t been this high in a while. I drove for too long and then did too much walking another day :frowning:

Thoughts of removing those might affect my problem areas I know some have had relief.


I think there’s enough information in this link to answer your question.

Thought to also mention, I do not condone this man’s claims, or a lot of what he says and thinks. I have to look at this man’s face on huge billboards in my area all the time. Not an emoji for throwing up.


@backintime30 Sorry to hear this, but maybe get on some NSAID’s for a couple weeks and ice whenever you can.

I had a big setback about 2 weeks ago, but it was after I got whacked in the nuts with a 2x4 really really fucking hard, and it took a solid 7ish days of NSAID’s to get back to my normal 2/3 out of 10.

Are you sure that you even have clips inside of you? Maybe you just irritated a nerve or something and need to settle it back down.

@RingoStar This is kinda off topic, and without condoning his work, at least that Dr. Stein kinda mentions PVPS and the 2% figure…although he certainly weasels his way around the topic by describing it as ‘discomfort.’ Better than 1 in 10,000 like the jackass who did mine.


Looking at the diagram I can kind of tell where it goes. Not quite understanding the testicular end placement. I mean it looks to be out side of the sheath. If that’s the case I bet that has a big or little effect on someones level of pain. I would think both ends would be placed back inside. This makes me angry.


I’ve heard of men that had an unusually large number/unorthodox number of hemoclips used during their procedure as well. They didn’t even know about it until they had them removed.

Me personally, I wouldn’t go though all the time to have my scrotom cut open, vas ends cut, clips cut out, etc without being put back together the first time. But, to each his own brother.

These clips are larger than these urologists act like they are to. They make them look tini in the diagram, but they’re not.


I’ve requested my records twice and never got them :frowning: I am just considering all possibilities is all. I am getting ready to talk to a attorney about partial disability. I don’t have a job I am terribly depressed. I thought my last job was going to where I was going to be until I retired. I freelance for them for 4 years worked for them for almost 4. Now I am like in pain, and even the thought of interview send my pain skyward. I just don’t know how I can get another job. I had friends at my last job and people knew my circumstances. I could lie in the floor with my computer and no one batted and eye. But now…


I hear you brother. I also think you are wise to be learning as much as possible, getting your ducks in a row, etc, etc far as before you consider making a surgical move. I’ve seen many rush into it, and make mistakes, and/or regret their choices. That includes myself.

Don’t give up on this, you could turn your life around. I have lost jobs over this myself. I managed to make a pretty big come back in time. Of course, it took medications to pull that off, but I did it. I’m not the same as my pre vas self (pre pvp/s self), regardless, I came a long ways. I used to think I would end up disabled. I was all messed up, like I had been in a bad car accident.


I think of reversal hear and there. But my son is a bit behind on his speech. I feel once his language skills catch up and he gets a little easier to handle that I could maybe do a reversal. I just don’t know anymore.

If I do it I want to have a safety net if it turns out for the worse, if I am consider partially or maybe just temporarily disabled some income is better than none.