What would you say to someone that doesn’t believe vasectomy is harmful and you are the extreme exceptions?


Do not support it, and I see you are doing the right thing already. Vasectomy is a no-no for many reasons.

Some guys here talk about going into procedure informed, and I respect that. However one cannot guarantee the aftermath. I have stopped believing in any of the statistics on the net.

I come from a family of phds in engineering and science and I am one. I have worked in engineering and science fields, both. I believe I have a completely data driven personality. I have observed my body within the past year and half and I can tell you this: it is impossible not to see change in ones body after vasectomy. You should go read about it and educate yourself, both on the physical and hormonal aspects.

My symptoms (and I have mentioned this in the other forum on “side effects”):

  • Loss of pressure while urinating: I feel 30 years older. I am in mid-40s but feel like 70 when I piss. There is always excess urine when I walk back to my desk and droplets leak into my pants!!! This is improves when I urinate sitting down but not fully.
  • Loss of pressure ejaculating: the main cause of much lower sensitivity during sex and ejaculation which is the biggest issue I have. So I have to wait longer before having sex with my wife so that I do it at maximal pressure - results of doing this is still 50% or so worse than pre-vas.
  • Weird boners almost up and down every 2-3 minutes again due to messed up hormonal issues as well as mechanical issues, ie., sperm flow into the urinary tract is cut off so the fluids there are probably flowing in more unstable fashion - main reason is hormonal and I think a lot of the receptors and sexual sensations stem from the mixture of sperm and ejaculate, now one of the solvents is missing so guess what happens to the nerves and receptors? They’re probably not working anymore.
  • Loss of sensitivity at the tip of the penis: when I touch the tip it is like I am touching plastic or something. This is also hormonal I think. Same reason as above. It is unfortunate that I am circumcised. It makes it much worse I think. Circumcision by itself is a crime due to removal of the most sensitive part of the penis: and the combo with vas is a big disappointment.
  • Extremely sensitive testicular area: even a soft touch to the balls results in pain. I can’t even have my kids hug me sometimes because a small kick will bring the pains back. I can’t wear jeans or harder pants anymore due to the push in the testicle area. I have given up wearing shorts!!!
  • To top it all, I gained weight (10lb??) due to depression and possibly lack of sexual satisfaction.

And believe me I don’t yet have PVPS and you see the many problems I am dealing with?? If at some point PVPS starts then I will have to consider reversal which is ~15k and no insurance coverage = take off my kids college fund down to drain!!!

Don’t let him do it if you love him.


I wish I was so lucky with someone telling me not to do it!

2 years after mine, I can tell you this: Ejaculation is neither as good nor as intense. Ejaculatory fluid is more gummy and the volume decreased more than the 3% doctors say it would. I’m not feeling any pain, which is obviously a major bonus. However, the scar I was left with is quite noticeable and developed an adhesion. Adhesion is when two or more layers of skin are connected by a scar tissue (and mine is long and palpable, feels almost like a tendon). Not only it looks bad but also pinches and feels like something is stuck down there, because it actually is. I assume the doctor was not exactly careful when he stitched me up and completely ignored my complaints about the healing and scaring process (doctors often do this, just read other posts here). Doctors also tell us that the vas deferens are very close to the superficial skin. It’s not! There are two layers of muscle and at least three layers of skin, including fat. Check any anatomy chart and see it for yourself. Only they are really close to each other. No matter what method the doctor uses, breaking all these layers of skin and muscle will most likely breach or pinch a nerve in the process and leave with long-term or even permanent pain, not to mention that scarring is absolutely unpredictable in a very compact and sensitive area. The scar itself may also surround or somehow affect nerves that are thinner than hair and sensitive like hell.

This procedure should be abandoned altogether as an elective surgery. Risks outweigh by far the sole benefit of avoiding pregnancy.

Use condoms and stay whole and healthy.


There will always be risk involved with having surgery done. What pisses me off is that everyone (doctors, majority of the internet, friends etc.) kept telling me that I’d be walking out of there dancing and singing. I was in bed for 8 days, in constant pain and/or extreme discomfort, when I called the surgeon he just said “oh, yeah that happens sometimes” like I was being a wimp or something.
I’m two months in and still have a weird numbness in the left side, it comes and goes, but it’s NOT the same as before.
You should prepare your partner for the eventuality that he might not get out of surgery the same as before, he might end up being reminded of the vasectomy for the rest of his life.
I consider myself lucky, I got away with a slight numbness (for now at least), but I’m pissed that noone warned me. I wouldn’t recommend having it done.


See drs lieing about the risk is what scares me off from commiting to geting a vasectomy. I dont want kids but dont want to end up in pain. Its a toss up risk being in pain for life or not being able to ever hold a relationship/ date and live in extreme anxiety around geting somone pregnant. its sucks being 23 but not be able to date someone my own age.



Just show them the research…

“Chronic scrotal pain after vasectomy is more common than previously described, affecting almost one in seven patients.” ~British Journal of Urology Int’l 2004

“At 7 months after vasectomy about 15% of previously asymptomatic men have scrotal discomfort.” ~British Journal of Urology Int’l 2007