What is the cause of problems?


Yeah. Not only is the incidence not communicated, but they tend to gloss over the impact. My urologist said that some men have some mild pain, but “we don’t do anything about that.” As if to say “it isn’t worth making a fuss over” rather than as if to say “there is nothing we can do to resolve their problem.” She said a former patient was a truck driver, who sometimes felt an unpleasant pang when getting out of his truck. There was no mention in my counselling meeting that some men are choosing to have their spermatic cord stripped of all the nerves, or have their testicles removed because it’s the only way to stop them from suffering almost constant debilitating pain for the rest of their lives. There was certainly nothing mentioned about sexual side effects, except for reassurance that there would definitely not be any.

This is like the line in the AUA that says “Few men require surgical treatment for chronic scrotal pain that may occur after vasectomy.” Well what does that mean exactly? How impressive is it that men are not getting surgery for their chronic pelvic pain, when surgery is not covered by insurance, costs $8,000, carries a risk of making the pain even worse, and restores the fertility that they don’t want?


Especially as the impacts of the more severe pain levels to men’s lives following a vasectomy can look like this:


FYI… Here is incidence of PVPS as described in the consent form from the Dr that did my vasectomy.

I had researched and read about PVPS before my vasectomy, and even visited this forum. At the time, I reasoned that open-ended vasectomy would prevent/reduce a lot of the potential issues that mostly seemed to be due to pressure buildup. Also, my dad and father-in-law had traditional closed vasectomy years ago with no issues, so I reasoned that open-ended would be even better.

So for those considering vasectomy: even open-ended is no guarantee, as the ends can close up on their own, also granulomas, etc.


yea it just seems strange that some guys have severe problems other guys are fine. Dogs get netuerued and i dont see dogs wimpering in pain agony for the rest of their lives. Id like to find a way to get it done an not risk loosing my life. Ive read endless open ended options etc. etc I know for me having a child would ruin my life. iM in a tough spot either eventually knock somone up an life be over or risk geting a vasectomy an posibly coming out in agony too . Its a loose loose situtation


do you think geting an open ended vas with no removal of vas. just cut an done would be stupid? I can honestly live with taking pain relief daily, not being able to lift again, to not have to worry about having a child. i figure a vasectomy cant be as bad as just straight up trying to destroy your testicles. Ive looked into using the hot water techniques to damage them etc.


Interesting fact, vasectomy was in fact first developed on a dog in 1823.

The very first paper I posted above goes through the consequences of vasectomy for the testicles and the likely mechanisms of chronic pain.

The two procedures are a little different in intent and mechanism. Plus, how can the dog tell you, and if there are stats for chronic problems, no-one probably cares, they just put a barrel into the suffering dog and throw it in the trash.

I mean Scooby Doo is a cartoon “ri ralls rar rin romplete rind rucking raggony raggy” doesn’t happen in real life.

That usually doesn’t appeal to most humans.

I am not sure if you are just winding on people on here for sport at this point dude.

You can see the stats and papers above and read the AUA guidance, it’s up to you I guess if you consider it a " good risk", or if you are better off stacking up on rubber johnnies given the relative reliability rates.

Your body your choice etc.


As they said if ain’t broke don’t fix it. But if dead set on vasectomy you want to be put under a aesthetic so there is no chance you feel any pain whatsoever during procedure, a lot of the guys on here including me felt instant pain during procedure. Second I would only do it if they are using microscope to identify all areas of the spermatic cord to ensure they don’t damage nerves the size of a hair. I believe Dr. P still does vasectomies even though he deals with all of us PVPS sufferers but I believe I’ve heard that he only does them under a aesthetic with robot and microscope and informs patients the true stats on PVPS and how you are rolling the dice


I had read one study that incidence of PVPS is lower with open-ended technique vs. closed, but the issue is in the follow-up. Issues may not appear for years later and I don’t remember what the length of follow up was in the study. By the time issues happen, guys may not relate it to the vasectomy.

I don’t think any guys on here would recommend getting a vasectomy, after what we’ve been through though. Knowing what you know now from this forum, and that the incidence of PVPS is a lot higher than what is reported by most docs, at least you can make a better informed decision.



You are overthinking it. If you are that motivated you should go ahead and take the 1 in 50 chance of having issues. The odds it will ruin your life are low.

My only reservation is you seem a bit wishy washy and the fact you would linger around on a pain board needing and requesting our assistance kind of reflects poorly on you as a vasectomy candidate.

I think you are authentic and really want help so I’m not that bothered by it but also man, it’s not that sensitive, lol.


yea thanks im very sincere. I just hate living in constant fear and paranoia. At one point i was like dammit i wish i could just destroy my testicles and not have to wory about it. I want to be able to live my life. to put it in persepective id gladly have all my teeth pulled. never ride motorcycles again, give up music to not be able to have a kid


I can get through ahces and pains i just dont want to end up somone who looses their life to living in chronic pain like driven to insanity. I hope you heal well an feel better. Ive looked at different ways to kill sperm production read about using electronics like phone laptops that can destory your testicles, heat, and somthing about people eating lead in ancient times made them sterile




@rickydicky, read up about testosterone therapy, it can cause azoospermia in many men.

Take it for what it’s worth, I’ve got a reversal next Monday, and will be happiest man alive if I will be non sterile again. Vasectomy was by far the dumbest decision of my entire life.


next Tuesday for my reversal, I agree a real dumb decision, I hope that I will be non sterile again as well, vasectomy is really body mutilation, to me vasectomy was like a curse that I could not shift,


i hope i dont make you guys mad by posting i feel like alot of guys got lied to an skrewed over by the drs. The first place i went to lied to me saying they never heard of any complications and were very angry when i asked if they treat pvsp or could perform reversals. I feel that unless im put in a wheel chair type agonizing pain anything is better than a having a baby. Im not sure how long ago alot of the guys on here had their vasectomys. I assume while today isnt perfect 30 years ago must of been much worse.


@rickydicky I’d gladly fathered 5 children knowing what I know now. Just use a condom and move on with your life


No mate your fine, we all have choices to make and mine is to tidy up the vasectomy that has been an issue for 26 years, I have been in pain for that length of time, mainly because it was all in my head according to the medical profession. Never again would I ever have my body altered to avoid having children. also women who have their tubes tied, have a lot of complications there as well.


Children were never a problem for me I would have loved to have had more kids, it was just the women that I married did not want to, I would have left her first without an argument if I had my time over, my wife made the decision for me, I did say no. As far as I am concerned the pain added insult to injury. I wonder now if the performance that my wife put up wasn’t a form of abuse, she should have won an Oscar.



Try having a consistant pain in you nuts all day long even at a 5/10 level and everything you used to be able to do stripped from you…

Sex,exercise,sitting,laying to get to sleep at night…losing your longterm job…having a pain here is like no other, you have no idea because you have never experienced it and you most likely never will if you dont alter you natural setup. Not going to lie gets me angry when people say worst thing in the world would be to have children…alot of us are suffering on here and lifes are destroyed. Wear condoms or risk screwing your life up with pain, your choice…

wish you could jump inside my body for a week you might change your mind. Prob blow your head off after a few days


Im sorry about your pain. ive spent alot of time reading about why an how people end up an pain an it seems all different like some guys have nerve pain others have actualy testicle pain, some have congestion. It seems weird to me that so many different possible pains exist from the same vasectomy. while other guys are fine. I know my dad had a vasectomy an said it felt like being kicked in the balls daily. not like the sharp pain of an instnat kick the but the ache a while after. He didnt complain much but it didnt stop him from living his life either.