What got you pain free?


what’s your level of exercise like?


Would the person who indicated a benefit of epididymectomy please come forward and tell us more? What was the level of pain before and after? Would you do it again? Any bad effects? I’m so sceptical of this thread, that I don’t believe the results, and several other members here feel the same way.


Username Fire, who 2 days ago indicated that his doctor recommended epididymectomy, voted that epididymectomy helped his pain. WTF? Did he get the procedure done the same day he voted? Another indication this survey is seriously flawed. Fire, if you are reading this, did you or didn’t you get the procedure done, and did it or didn’t it help you? If you decide to get it done, please keep us informed. Did you vote that this helped you? I’m thinking this thread should have the voting part deleted. It could lead to someone getting untrue conclusions.


If someone does get pain free, I already have a title for the book:

The Sore Sack Redemption


@derberlinersmurf Saving Ryan’s Privates?


Hello Ringo…you sound like someone who has really had this curse dropped on you…i was wondering…is the thread "so what got you pain free " totally bs or is there just one person on the thread trying to have himself some fun? I’m fairly new to this site and I’m trying to find a solution after my first try only made me worse.


Hello @IamHurtin. I apologize for the fact that this poll thread is still causing confusion…

To answer your question, there are several inaccurate votes here. At least one of them is total bs as they never even had the procedure they voted for.

I’m not sure what you tried first, but let’s move this conversation into a productive thread. I’m not sure if you already have a dedicated thread of your own going on here, but if you do, I will try and locate it.

PS: If you address another member in the @RingoStar, or @IamHurtin, etc, they will receive a notification that you called their username, rather than, hey RingoStar, or, hey, Iamhurtin.

Another way is to directly reply to a members thread, or post, as you did me here.

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Thanks for replying to my message @RingoStar. Its nice to talk to someone semi-real time about an ongoing problem that we both are having the misfortune to live with and try to find an answer for. Sorry about the lack of computer application knowledge regarding this subject but what does the @ sighn before the name do for me and what does clicking on their Icon do if you wouldn’t mind.
And regarding the main subject at hand … Has there been many successful conclusions to this PVPS plague for many on this board? I have lived with it for over 2 decades and I gave up looking for someone to help me so i finally went with the friendliest most competent urologist to try to help me and he just did a reconnection of both of my Vasdeferens to the epididimus tubes which is what he would have done if he was trying to reestablish sperm flow for someone seeking his services in what he does…make people fertile again. He said both my Vasdeferens and epididimuses were so clogged that he had to do both of the more complicated surgeries. Boy he looked tired! Lol
He ended up making me worse though! Now i have pain almost all of the time except it is a little better during sex and at orgasm. But 8 to 24 hours later WAM i am hit with pain that only Opiates and Gabapentin will set to rest? Do you know why this happens 8 or so hours after? I also herd that there are Urologists on this board. Could you tell me who they are and if they wouldnt mind discussing this with me?
I should have gone to Dr. P in florida but fighting this constant pain makes everything so draining I didn’t, and now i am really regretting it! I’m sure you know what i mean. ( I had gone out of town for a back surgery long ago and it was a nightmare! For another reason)
Do you know of any Urologist’s that dont mind discussing this problem? I have found many urologists to be cold to immature to downright rude.
Also do you know where I can get an offical document stating that change of policy regarding the admission in 2014 by the American Urological Association that 1 to 2% of men can develop long lasting Pain fron a vasectomy? So I can shove it in certain doctors face who deny its existance. I would really appreciate that.
Ive thrown enough at you for one message. Thanks if you can get back to me on any of them. And thanks for answering my first question regarding the believability of this thread. Something seemed off. But I am doing all the research i can because it seems,that this crazy attorney general may be taking away the only thing that works for my pain and i may not have anyother choice but to get another operation! Wether i like it or not! I’m 60 now and it may kill me but I may have no choice. But if the paranoia over opioids forces me to have another operation I want to have a good idea of who,is the best no matter what the cost!
To bad i can’t drink. My stomach cant take as much as i need as a pain killer. And my head cant take the pain if i do. Again thanks for asnwering … I hope I can be a contribution to this board as much as someone who only takes …
Later …thanks Ringo


I think reaching out individually, calling/conferring is a great idea. It is very easy, especially for us old guys, to lose track of who’s who by our handles. Nothing like talking and communicating directly to reinforce our identities and build more meaningful connections between us.



I haven’t voted yet because I’m still a work in progress. However, I figured it might help someone out there to hear where I’m at.

I had a reversal in June after suffering from congestion after a vasectomy in March. I would consider my symptoms at the time as severe, although I don’t know how anyone really knows how they compare to other patients. All I know for sure is that my pain was debilitating (pain limited to testicles). I couldn’t perform simple tasks like going to the grocery store. Running or jumping were totally out of the question. At times I was near suicidal from a severe aching pain that wouldn’t go away regardless of what pain meds I would try.

My reversal was performed on June 5th. June and July were rough, putting it mildly. August started to show some signs of improvement. By mid-September, I felt like things were turning a corner.

Now, in mid-October, I feel as though I have a real chance of being pain free. I met with a Dr who really understands this in late September (not the surgeon who performed my reversal). He stated that patients typically see improvement over 6-9 months after reversal before plateauing. If that is true, I should expect to see some continued improvement.

I realize there aren’t a whole lot of success stories on here. I really think that anyone who becomes pain free won’t want to revisit the subject. I know I’ve been hesitant to visit this site for that reason.

If your pain is primarily testicular after a vesectomy, I would be an example of the ~85% who see improvement after reversal. While it is a frustratingly slow recovery, I’ve gotten back to what I view as a high quality of life. I’m working out, golfing, walking, and boating. I’m planning on trying to run next month which represents one of the hurdles to clear.

I truly feel for those still suffering and hope you find something that works. Hopefully my story helps someone out there who’s situation is similar to mine.


@sad-to-be-here can you describe your pain after your reversal? Was it the same as before? can you elaborate on why your first few months were rough?


The pain was different than what I was experiencing. I had a lot of swelling, whereas I had virtually none from my vasectomy. While I felt like there was some improvement from the pain I was experiencing pre-reversal, I picked up all kinds of new pain(s).

The surgeon had to remove 1 1/2 inch of damaged vas on one side and 1 inch on the other side. The net result was a lot of pulling that caused pain up into my lower abdomen. This went away completely somewhere in month three.

I experienced very sharp stinging/burning pain at the incision sites for about three months as well. That is now completely gone. The shooting pains just gradually went away.

The sensitivity/pain in my testicles lasted longer. I would take two steps forward and one step back over the first few months. It took somewhere between 6 and 8 weeks before I could walk normally (heal plant as opposed to tip toeing). Any restriction from shorts/underwear and even sheets when sleeping would lead to significant aching. Sitting in a desk chair for work led to pain after 20 minutes through the third month of recovery.

While this all sounds terrible, it was better than where I was before reversal.

My understanding is the recovery process from reversal can be 6-9 months. My personal opinion is the recovery from the procedure itself is shorter, but the healing process from the damage done before the reversal takes longer.


thanks @sad-to-be-here . That is encouraging to me as I am post reversal and experiencing some of the same things you’ve mentioned. I was really not expecting to have new pain after reversal, which is what i’ve had. This new pain is actually a bit worse than I was before reversal, but i’m still relatively early at 5.5 weeks, so I’ll try to stay positive and give it some time. Apparently i’m wide open and very fertile, so everyone i’ve talked to seems to think i’ll eventually recover.