What got you pain free?


Please only react on this topic if you got TOTALLY pain free and when you underwent several procedures then highlight the final solution that solved it. For everything else there are other topics and if you don’t find one that suits you, you are free to create your own topic.

This poll was closed due to abuse and isn’t in any way representative

  • vasovastomy (classic reversal)
  • epididymovasostomy/vasoepididymostomy (reversal where they mount the severed vas deferens to the epididymis)
  • open-ended conversion
  • epididymectomy
  • Orchiectomy
  • fibrosis/scar tissue removal (ao. neuroma on the spermatic cord end)
  • neurolysis (oa. Spermatic Cord Denervation)
  • scrotal removal
  • just waited for up to 3 months
  • just waited between 3 months and a year
  • just waited between a year and 3 years
  • just waited longer than 3 years
  • suicide

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I was thinking of a “urologistomectomy” but I suppose that won’t get you pain free, just feeling satisfied until the cops arrive :slight_smile:


You need to add, “still not pain free.” Otherwise, fantastic post.


I’m only looking for the ones that got it solved. Just to give people a reflection of what seems to really work. Since I already passed 4 things on the list without any real result. There is no issue if you fill out the form in x months. I hope that in a not to distant future that I can click a final solution that isn’t suicide…


There does need to be another datapoint to capture %relief of pain. It’s a good idea otherwise.
I think if there was one survey per therapy with a 1 to 10 scale of relef or a before after of pain levels. Dr. P does his PIC6 type surveys that way.

I think this is a very important post otherwise. If we could build on this that would be great.

As I said, perhaps a survey for each therapy and we could then compile the results to see which therapy had the most bang for the buck.

Also, a survey that described the pain might be good.


I don’t think it’s that much work BUT in the current layout it will be a big mess and a very big 1st post. It depends on what you want to achieve. I’ve passed by 8 different urologists and none of them asked me to point my pain level on a 1 to 10 scale so I can’t even tell where I’m now, wehre I have been and where I will end up.


This is a great idea. I think it could build some interesting statistics over time. I too think it needs to be tweaked. The majority of the guys I’ve seen have a corrective procedure over the years didn’t report pain free. I don’t think you will get many votes on these terms.

At minimum, I would break down reversal, and de-nervation into 4 categories. Complete resolution, part resolution, no change, made me worse. The more procedures you offered that selection to, the better.

You could even do 5 categories. Complete resolution, much improved, part resolution, no change, made me worse.

Adding the word “Poll” to the title of the thread would be a great idea to. People would see it for years to come.

I will delete this post if you do it, lol


That’s a good idea. You can still list all the procedures in one survey but 5 options from made me much worse, a little worse, no change, a little better, complete resolution.

It is complicated though because I got relief from my worst symptom but I have other issues that may be the result of further scar tissue.

I do belief you can reach a point of diminishing returns and that is why I can sort of understand how an orci early on might spare a guy from a death from a thousand cuts/little old lady who swallowed a fly type of outcome.


Thanks OP, I’ll be watching this thread closely.

I’m going for a reversal in two months, so maybe I’ll be able to answer that poll…but I really doubt the reversal is going to make me pain free - improvement? Probably somewhat, but pain free, I really, really have my doubts.


only 4 votes :frowning:


1 reversal was a mistake… That guy isn’t pain free.


Although this is theoretically a good tool, I don’t believe the results. I had a reversal done, but which only worked on one side. That was over a decade ago. I have cyclical swelling and pain on the right side now (reversal apparently worked for pain on the left). Anyway, Dr. Fuchs, who is a good doctor, told me that he feels epididymectomy is a terrible idea, and that he has had to remove testicles because other doctors did it to patients. It compounds the problem of pressure build up. But this survey is suggesting that people have found relief as a result. So I am pretty skeptical about these results. Maybe the people who are answering can’t read? If pain reduction through epididymectomy was really a good possibility, everybody would be doing it. I do wish I was wrong about this. In my case, having read about the side effects of many of the surgical options, and not hearing too many great things about botox, and feeling good about the lack of pain (and normal hanging level in scrotum, unlike the right side that sticks out more than normal and that hangs too high) of my left side, I am seriously considering orchiectomy on the affected side.


Oh, and maybe some of the “patients” saying that waiting 4 months helped them are actually doctors trying to take some of the heat off?


This poll is all screwed up. I see votes that aren’t correct, guys voted for things they haven’t done, guys voted that are not pain free, etc, etc. Nonsense


maybe if you vote you should also reply and justify your rationale? I think part of the weaknesses of a site like this is that it highlights failures and rarely points out successes. Meaning, you find some relief or success and you probably stop posting here, leaving the site full of people who are still affected.


I think many quit reading, quit posting, etc like an out of sight, out of mind deal. Who wants to deal with someone else’s pvp/s on top of their own? I can tell you now, many that dont post here anymore are not pain free.

I only started posting again to help others, and engage in meaningful conversation. Nothing more, nothing less. You certainly don’t see me asking for advice, screwing up polls, etc, etc.


@RingoStar are you pain free?


No, and that’s why I did not vote.

I consider myself to be in the much improved category. I get a lot of pain free time, or very close to it. The majority of what I have left is related to ejaculating. I have a hot spot behind my left testicle. As I’ve said many times here, I think I suffer from a bit of everything. I probably feel like a million bucks compared to where you are now, but things aren’t perfect. Half the challenge is learning how to live with pvps (moving forward). I think there’s some truth to the saying, “am I really getting better, or am I just getting used to it”? All at the same time, I have made some progress over the years. It’s slow at best.


@jsh, think about it like this. I used to feel like I had been in a bad car accident. I used to think i would be disabled for life. I used to take 125-150mg of tramadol, and 200mg of celebrex daily to get me through work (I do skilled physical labor) That’s how bad I used to be.

I still have to keep medication on standby. I go through some rough patches still. As I’ve always said, the majority of it is brought on by ejaculating, and it’s usually worse when I get it with my wife, vs myself.


@RingoStar I appreciate you sticking around providing feedback and insight. As my pain/discomfort levels aren’t nearly that bad for now, i’m hopefully that maybe someday i’ll be back to normal. Trying to stay hopeful that is :wink: