Week ago right now. 16.45


Hello all, found this forum after googling symptoms.
On the left side where the incision was it feels a bit tender nothing to bad though but underneath it feels like a third ball, the right hand side feels absolutey fine. I know it’s only a week and after reading some of the problems you’ve lot had mine seems a bit lame. Just thought I would ask. Cheers all, glad I’ve found this place, as some of you have said I definitely think they under play the whole thing as to not put people off having it.


Hey there. Thanks for sharing your story, and sorry to have to welcome you to this place, heh.

Use the search bar on this site to possibly find similar threads/posts regarding your symptoms, such as feeling like you have a ‘third testicle’. The third testicle thing is pretty common, and could be related to several things. From blood, to sperm, to purely inflammation, to perhaps a combination of things, it’s hard to say from here.

Yea, your definitely early in this, and odds are you will get better in time. I will tell you the same thing I’ve told several others. If things start going completely haywire on you, go back and see your vasectomist ASAP. Dr Google’s is only good for so much.

Good luck.


Spent last night in A&E with blood and some smelly infection coming out of the left hand side where they first cut me. I’ve got a Heamatoma (spelling) which I have to go for a scan on Monday for. Also feel feverish because of the infection. The doctor squeezed out the infection. Man alive did that hurt


Yea, that’s pretty nasty, and I suppose it didn’t feel great at all. There are several stories on here that are very much like yours. I forgot the name/s of them threads, but big hematomas (blood), and nasty infections have certainly been reported on this site. Some of them stories read a whole lot worse than yours. I’m glad I never experienced anything like that, it sounds really awful.

All those guys disappeared from this site over time which is generally a good sign when it comes to that kind of stuff. Odd are they got better, and moved on.

Good luck


I’ll keep in touch let you know how it’s going