Weed for pain control


How many people get relief from marijuana?

How many guys would be happy to try that if it worked but don’t like the other affects of marijuana outside of the pain relief?

I have had luck with pain reduction using weed on one of the rare occasions I’ve tried, and they are rare. I was just never a weed guy. Makes me a little paranoid/anxious.

Opiods are a no go. Anti depressants are also a no go and I dislike neuroleptics as well.


I have been trying some CBD tincture for the past few weeks. This stuff is from Icarus (company) and it is supposedly pure CBD, no THC. You squirt it under your tongue and swallow it. So, there is very little if any psychoactive effect with it, I feel a mild effect on my body, I think it relaxes me a bit if nothing else. Hard to say if it is helping with the pain, as mine fluctuates a lot. It is supposed to be a strong anti-inflammatory, which is more of the effect I am going for. The ‘get you high’ weed (THC) I like to take my mind off of the pain, but not sure that it really acts like a true pain killer for me. Some strains put me to sleep, so that is sort of like pain relief :slight_smile:


I got some CBD oil too that was THC free. It didn’t really help me. I just don’t like the slightly anxious feeling I get on marijuana. Under the right circumstances it could be or was enjoyable 30 years ago but as I got older I stopped enjoying it. If I could get the pain relief with a less anxious feeling I would try to get a card so I could use it without the hassle or worry of getting arrested or losing a job just to try to be pain free.


The pure Sativa strains make me anxious and make my heart race. Some are Sativa/Indica blend, and the pure Indica is much more sedative, less anxious. Indica puts me to sleep, but a good sativa/indica hybrid is perfect. you might find the right strain if you haven’t experimented


It made me focus more on my pain as my brain kept saying “something is wrong, something is wrong”. Hopefully it’ll work for you


I get some pain reduction from weed. I don’t have to be high to benefit from it either. I have better days if I’ve smoked the night before than if I haven’t. Not a cure by any means, but helps take the edge off I guess.

Online pharmacies up here in Canada have strains specifically for pain.

OG Kush, Chemdawg, Juicy Jack are nice. Kinda crippling though.


If there was a version that didn’t make you paranoid I’d want to try that. Weed makes me feel anxious a little. Like afraid or something. Hard to explain but I don’t like it.


You sir should move to Canada lol.

Check this out

There’s probably hundreds of other online pharmacies up here, and the great thing is, lots of them rate the weed based on the ‘high’ they provide.

I use the strains with the highest pain relief ratings. I find the sativa dominant hybrids to be the best for this and they don’t have much paranoia, but I do find the indica dominant strains will cause me to get a little paranoid.

It’s all about experimentation unfortunately, but there are lots of strains that don’t get you too high or paranoid and do help with pain, yet doctors are pretty oblivious to this.


Medicine I this country is profit driven. It’s ridiculous the therapies we take off the table for the wrong reasons. You’ll probably see more heroin deaths because they are going to criminalize all opioid use.


It’s happening here too. Docs have quotas on how much opioids they can hand out - chronic pain patients are killing themselves or turning to the streets for the relief they need.

Tons of this shit is laced with fentanyl and people are dropping like flies. It’s getting so bad that you can get a free naloxone kit at most pharmacies (basically an antidote to opiate overdose)


Yet no one ever overdosed on weed. Still illegal. I’m not even a fan of weed for recreation but it’s dumb noe I have pain I still feel like a criminal for considering it.


Yep, weed’s probably safer than tylenol. I don’t get it, it’s like anything that gives you a buzz is immediately labeled as dangerous and has to be outlawed.

How dare anyone get high for any reason, it needs to be illegal! Think about the children!

Except for alcohol of course, that’s all fine and dandy…:roll_eyes:


It helped a teeny tiny little bit when I was at my absolute worst. So in one respect it saved my life because I was suicidal… but it is such a tiny little bit, if you do not live in a place where it is legal it isn’t worth risking legal problems.