We Dont Know What Causes PVP- YEAH RIGHT!


Just want to shed light on this stupid answer i keep hearing and reading from doctors when asked what causes pvp. The answer, “Its unknown.” Or its a mystery. Bullshit! Ill tell you what causes PVP - mutialting a perfectly designed and functioning organ. Thats like a man smashing his head with a skillet every hour having headaches and the doctor saying we dont know whats causing this mans headaches. Its a mystery. Stupid. No matter what the issue is- nerve damage, congestion, etc. its crystal clear what causes PVP - A corrupt medical system, corrupt doctors, some knives and sutures, and intentionally destroying a perfectly functioning body part. Anyways, i just felt like venting right now…


Ill tell you what the mystery is why 100% of men dont experience chronic pain after a vas. Thats the mystery.


To make things worse, they have built an entire industry around vasectomy. Think about all of the organization’s within healthcare that profit from it.

Only as of more recently some are starting to figure out reversal can be helpful for PvP/s, other than that, everything they have on their chart to fix/help you mutilates your body even further, has a good chance of not helping, and/or making things worse.

The way they sell this stuff is irresponsible, dishonest, and unethical. Great job urology, well done :disappointed:


Don’t assume all of them men are ok physically, and/or mentally.

I’ve came across statistics on how many men regret their vasectomy down the road in life. The number was well beyond 50%, seems it was closer to 60-70%.

I’m sure urology would say it was just the fertility factor, a change of religion, or a new wife that makes men regret it, and vasectomy is perfectly fine. What nonsense.


Agree 100%. So true.


I don’t know how urologists who do this procedure live with themselves.


My stupid urologist told me prior to the surgery that only men without kids would regret it at some point down the road, which was my case.

Even my entire family think I regret my vasectomy because I changed my mind about kids. I did not!

I changed my mind about vasectomy because of the irreversible effects it causes on the body and the mind. Mine healed badly. I even asked the idiot doctor about how the pain should be after the procedure, if it was worse than having a wisdom tooth extracted. He laughed and joked. “No it was definitely not”. I would heal much faster than that.

In summary, no doctor I ever saw told me anything about pain, granulomas, bad healing, scarring. Zero!

I’m a different person than I was before the surgery. That dude died last year. I’m self-conscious and have a profound distrust in doctors now. All thanks to vasectomy.

Physical and emotional pain is the true consequence of vasectomy. If they work with a margin of 2% physical pain, keep in mind this 60% emotional pain. The chances of somebody being fully satisfied are really thin.


This is a very good paper that looks at the physical changes vasectomy causes and post vasectomy pain :


This paper is actually the proof that quiet a lot is known about PVPS and what causes it and that some (most) urologist are lying sons of bitches who only think about their own financial benefit. The papers are nearly all older than I am and clearly state that chances of you getting pain after a vasectomy are up to 10%. If you then meet a urologist who says it is only 0.3% and he only saw 2 cases of PVPS in his 40 year career, than he is a lying sack of shit who should get punched in the balls one time for every patient he ever gave a vasectomy without telling the whole story.


I think the problem is that C W Urology was the standard text on this, and it is often the source used for the prior very low numbers. But it seems there was an error perpetuated in that text for a long period of time.

I often refer people to Vic’s old posts on this where he went on a mission on those low chronic pain risk figures :

From Vic’s posts arguably the medical profession used the numbers from one of their core texts, but the numbers were in error.


Also how many old copies are now going to remain on people’s shelves to be referred to for the next 20 years?


Did he got pain free? Since nothing moved after 2015…


I think he got to a reasonable place with pain, but not pain free.

Most days good but still with bad days from what I can remember.


Hopefully it’s not rude to do a bit of old thread resurrection here :


He never had a vasectomy. He had vas clip.

I only mention this so people don’t assume to much.


I hadn’t realised that, so if a vasclip is removed is that then effectively a reversal?


I suppose it might be interpreted, and definitely marketed this way, but they crimp that thing on there so tight, you are as much as screwed IMO.


That would seem to make sense, in the paper I posted they refer to to effects of applying forceps to the vas of rats (poor rats!) and the negative effects which that caused.


I don’t think it is that simple. The vas deferens is crushed. I’m sure it scars closed and there is likely some damage in the immediate area around the clip itself. I mean it’s possible that just getting to the vas itself, which is still pulled out a hole in your scrote effs you up.

It seems that unless the doctor really messes up isolating/accessing the vas it is probably one of the easiest methods to reverse.


I look at vasalgel as the least destructive method of making a man sterile, but it will likely be marketed in a way where it can be reversed in a flash.

Think about it tho, a needle inserted into the inner lumen of the vas which is comparable to a human hair far as diameter. The needle puncture alone will lead to scarring, let alone the idea that some men’s body’s/immune systems will likely see this breach as a catastrophic event.

Tack on blowouts, and all the same back pressure issues that come with traditional vasectomy, I’d say it will be iffy at best far as being reversed goes. Will be interesting to see how vasalgel pans out in the long run.