Wanting an orci


I would like to start but thanking all on this site as I have now got a treatment plan that I hope will end well. So I will try and give you the whole store as there are so many that don’t and we are all left looking for more. It all stared around 5 years ago. I had so much stress in my like it knocked my mood and I think looking back that the time I started down the slippery slope. I now believe looking back I was suffering from a lower level of t but I couldn’t see it at the time. Around 3 years ago still not feeling good and had been on and off several different antidepressants I had managed to get a hernia on my left side. It was small at first then slowly grew. I was also suffering with stomach cramps that had also got worse but I had suffered a bad digestive all my life that no dr had got to the bottom of. The dr sent me to see a surgeon to fix my hernia and investigate my in sides. Keeping this short I worked out I have celiac disease. So started a new diet that was all good so far. But during all this I had pain in my left side ball due to nerve damage from the hernia and I had started to get pain in my right side as well. I ignored all this mostly as I was waiting for the repair to be done. This all went well and post surgery I was pain free for around 9 months then slowly it all started to return I did see the surgeon and he said it was probably nerve damage from before I had the opp. I also spoke to my dr about the pain that was now getting to a low but constant state on my right side. I also wanted a vasectomy buy now. I had test done and i have a small cist right epididymis and a Varicose vains in the spermatic cord. Now looking back this is when I was poorly advised. I asked if it was ok to go through with the vas he told me it was fine. So December 2017 I had the opp. Now remember I was already in some permanent pain and my mood was down and non of the pills I had been given had ever made things better. So after the vas the pain was of the scale and I had lumps and bumps down there. The dr sent me to urology he said that the bumps were a normal response but put me on some more powerful pain killers. So it was around this time I asked for my t level to be checked the dr was reluctant but agreed I had around this time about 10 different test done trying to get to the bottom of my now chronic fatigue. The tests were normal but the t level was 14. The normal range is 28-10 I should be for my age around 20. I knew the dr was not going to refer me so I found a private consultant and had the dr send through all my records. He was great and agreed to put me on daily gel. That was around 8 weeks ago. I can’t begin to tel you how good I feel. Back to my self of 5 years ago. I don’t blame the vas but this site put me on to the possible cause of my fatigu. I can’t thank you all enough.
Now going forward I’m actually pushing for a double orci as I don’t want the pain anymore. I know the left side is referred. The surgeon said he would cut the nerve prior to the damage if it wasn’t needed anymore. I’ve had around 50% testicular shrinking so far and I’m happy with that as they clearly don’t work why do i need them. They have suggested all the different options to help the pain but in my mind why bother. Just cut them off and miss out on years of different opps. I hope this makes sense to you all. F.


Before getting orchi, I’d see someone about treating (what sounds like potential) nerve damage. I would absolutely talk with Dr. Williams or Dr. Dellon in Maryland. Phone consultant for me was $150 and I wouldn’t hesitate to see Dr. Williams in person if I felt nerve surgery was the next step.


The surgeon has told me on my left side that it is most likely nerve damage. But can’t operate as the nerves are identical to scar tissue. The chance of causing more damage than fixing the problem is very high. In the same area is the nerve that works the leg and I could end up with a permanent disability. I’m happy with the idea of a double orci as it will save me the time and pain of all the other opps. really for no good reason as they are not needed and don’t work.


An orchi is quite a big deal as it will mean using TRT long term even if you have already had a level of damage.

A number of posters have gone down that path and I think they are very genuinely brave people to have done it.

I’m sure you have been through this, and I don’t want to try to teach you to suck eggs , but I would possibly check out the urologists list on the site and spend a couple of hundred dollars on a 2nd opinion to cross verify before you proceed.
Hope you get out of pain mate.


I’ve been on T now for three months with good success generally. I’ve been on the cream you rub on. The trouble is it relies on your skin to take it in to your body. Which is good most it the time. But I’m a builder and it’s been hot weather the last few months so I’ve found if I sweat in the fist hour or to then I don’t get a good up take. So I’m seeing the hormone dr in two weeks to get changed on to injection. I generally feel so much better. I have had the common side effect of my ball getting smaller which I have no problem with and along with that a reduced pain level as the balls now don’t do any work. So in my mind why go through any surgery to try to fix the pain when the success level is poor at best with the knowledge that I will get ever more scar tissue and no certainty of a fix. Therefore that is what is behind my goal of an orci as I think let’s miss out the pain and opps in the middle and jump straight to the end opp and a sure as possible fix. I really like reading other people’s thoughts. Thanks.


Orchi is not a walk in the park mate, painful and takes very long time to heal. If you are happy with TRT I’d just stay on it, as you’ll be on TRT anyway.


I am happy with trt but I really hate the side effects of the pain killers I’m on. I have reduced the dose but I still have constant right hand side pain. Urology said this will not get better. I’m on a slope down as the cyst will keep growing and the Varicocoel will keep getting worse. I guess I’m just looking for the shortest way to pain free when you read so many stories of guys getting all the other opps done only to end up with the orci in the end.


Ah ok, wasn’t aware you were still in pain. Recovery from orchi takes ages, and I think I have some nerve damage, so am still in some pain. Not that bad, like a stitch, but not great either.

If you have physical work, you potentially will be out of action for 6 months


I’m a builder. I run my own company. It’s the constant bumping and knocking around my balls get that emphasise the pain and discomfort.