Veterans healthcare system patients


Hey kids, how’s it hanging? Not too loosely i hope. i was wondering if there are any other vets here who are receiving or have received care from a VA facility for any of the issues discussed on this forum. If so, to what result, and what location? Feel free to msg me if preferred. Thanks so much!


I’m not in the VA system but I can tell you that there are several soldiers that have been removed for service for PVPS. I’m going through the early stages of Med board and I’ve come to learn that vas issues are common in the military.


I’ve unfortunately started this process with new pain radiating from the left vas deferens end. Of course the first thing they’ve tried it antibiotics which obviously weren’t going to work.

I went from being the best dad in the world, pulling my kids around town on bikes, and actually playing like a child with them, to a complete useless shell of my former self.

I have an appointment with my new PCM, but honestly, there are many many doctors and only few who are good enough to deserve the title. Hopefully this one works out well.

I had some voltaren gel that actually seems to provide brief relief. But I’m sure I’m not spose to put it on as often as I need. And it may be the fact that I manipulate the scrotum to put the cream on that actually helps. But I don’t know.