Vasectomy through VasectomyReversal


Hey guys. I’m not really the forum type but during the last 9 months I’ve read just about every page in this website, so I thought the least I could do was give back a little.

After my vasectomy I found myself in the same shoes many of you are in. I was in pain, and the doctor was brushing it under the rug and told me I just wasn’t handling the pain well.

(Before I move on I’ll preface what I’m about to say with this: I was in the Special Forces and had been injured many times in my carrier, I am not the sensitive complain about it type.)

Fast forward three weeks I’m sitting in front of the doctor who is squeezing the heck out of my testicles in front of two young female inturns and it was all I could do not to loose it. I was sitting there sweating on the table after the exam and he told me I needed to go see a PT to learn how to relax my pelvic floor. I told him it didn’t feel like muscle pain, but permanent blue balls. He arrogantly told me I didn’t know what I was talking about and needed to be less sensitive.

I took his advice, and wasted 2 more weeks in pain then called my buddy that is a urologist. He told me to get a second opinion, so I did. I got to the next Doc and after he felt me up he told me that my epididimis was firm and probably causing PVPs. Although he did reversals he said he would want to refer me to someone with more expertise, so I made another appointment on his referral about 2 hours away.

Fast forward roughly 2 months and I’m now sitting in front of the new Doc. He suggested a denervearion of the chord. I told him that I had suffered nerve damage in the past, and got over it, but the procedure didn’t sit right with me so he agreed to a reversal. I told him if for some reason the reversal didn’t work, we could talk about cutting nerves at that point.

I scheduled the reversal for 10/8/18, which obviously I didn’t make it to as I’ve already had the surgery. The reason was I wanted to get past the busy season at work and the pain was at a uncomfortable but “suck it up” level most of the time.

A month later the “I need to spread the legs and sit down” kind of pain was coming more frequent but I was determined to deal with it. About a week later my wife and I had sex and the next day my testicles felt like they could pop at any time, unlucky for me this was a Sunday. I called the Doc first thing Monday morning and told them what was happening. Luckily a spot had opened up the next Monday for surgery so I took the appt. They prescribed pain meds, and I spent the next week in bed unless I had to get up.

After the surgery the doctor told my wife that there was a significant amount of back pressure and the surgery went well, by the time I came around he was gone. It’s been a full week and outside of the stitches and incision I can feel that the pressure pain is gone. They told me that this procedure would be worse than the vasectomy, it’s been a walk in the Park compared to what I went through. It’s too early to tell but so far so good, I still am uncomfortable from the surgery but mostly from the stitches catching on my jock.

I skipped a lot because I’m typing this on my phone but I have felt depressed, tired, stupid, and hopeless all at different times through the process. I even found myself considering ending it at one point, even after making it through deployments without a single mental issue. I am 34 years old and all I could think about was having to suck it up for my kids. I was pretending to want sex with my wife so that she didn’t think I was “off,” but I went from a ridiculous sex drive to having to set reminders on my phone to remind me to act interested that night. The amount of mental anguish this has caused seems completely not normal. There is certainly more to getting “snipped” than what they know.

I the last week my sex drive has surged, ironically I can’t do anything for another week though. However I do get the blue balls feeling about it goes away normally like before I got my vasectomy.

I’m ranting now, but I’ll add more if anyone has questions and update as the weeks pass.


Thank you for sharing @Chadwick, feels me with confidence for my reversal next Monday


Yes, thank you. I’m talking to a doctor about a reversal as well and I’ll be sure to post about it when it happens.


Thanks for sharing. The guy that told you that you weren’t handling pain well would probably buckle like rag doll if he had to deal with your special forces training or experiences.

That sort of arrogance and perpetuation of the myth that vasectomy can’t create horrible outcomes is infuriating.

My reversal recovery was much more involved than my vasectomy but I could tell very quickly that a lot of the bad stuff was gone. When I say bad I mean the searing nerve pain that would send my heart jackhammering at 3 in the morning every morning.

I waited too long and I think a lot of my issues now are the result of PTSD. I was a start raving lunatic when it was at its worst. I was in a state of pain and panic for years. Years. Part of the problem is I didn’t know what was wrong/what the source of the pain was.


Thanks for sharing your story @Chadwick how long from vasectomy to reversal? I think alot of us on here including myself are dealing with chronic epididymitis due to back pressure or a blockage. Tell me did you have any other pains besides the epi pain? ie leg or back pain also what side was in pain. I suspected pelvic issues as well but after being assessed by a pelvic therapist and a pelvic exam was told muscles were good… Glad to hear your recovering well and hoping for another success story.


Yes, when the pain was bad I could feel it on either side of my blatter into my stomach. I would also get pain down the inside of my left leg.

I had the reversal 8 days ago, I could tell the pressure pain was gone on day 2.


Two weeks post Vasectomy Reversal now and wanted to report on how things are going.

  1. Stitches are probably the worst part. The incision is low on my scrotom so every time I bend over they catch on my jock. I consider this a huge victory, because I’m complaining about stitches and not feeling like my testicles are going to rupture.

  2. Had intercourse for the first time. I had always felt it wasn’t as good after a vasectomy but just chalked it up to… well I’m not sure I just tried not to think about it. Well it’s confirmed now, I felt a rush through my testicles that I’d completely forgotten about. I was super nervous even though I had waited the prescribed amount of time, and I did feel mild discomfort for about 3-6 seconds during climax.

Things to note that I had previously not thought about:

  • about 2 months post Vasectomy I was diagnosed with low T after never having a symptom before the vasectomy. I had low energy, which prompted the test. I feel like I’ve had more energy lately even with the pain of just having a surgery. It might be because I’m in a better place mentally knowing I’m possibly on the road to recovery.

  • I’ve had surges of aggression that I’ve kept suppressed, and have a lot of the same symptoms that I had after getting on testosterone injections. I certainly have moments where I believe I’m having more testosterone production. I’m going to schedule a test in a few weeks to see if my numbers have changed.

  • I scheduled an appt with my original vasectomy doctor in 2 months, he has no idea that I’ve had a reversal. I cut off contact after he told me I just couldn’t deal with a small amount of pain, and basically it was all in my head. I am going to record what he says and pin his butt to the wall. I am lucky enough that money is no concern and not an objective, the objective is to bring light to this bull crap and hold him responsible for the lines he fed me going in.


Thanks for the update @Chadwick and good to see the improvements all the best with your recovery.


@Chadwick did you use a PvP reversal specialist typically mentioned on the forum or someone local? How often do they do reversals for pain? I am asking because I’m trying to determine a reversal surgeon


I was referred to the doctor I used by another urologist that told me he was the best in the area and if he was in my situation that’s who he would have do it.

I checked his background I.e, fellowships etc. that he did.


4 weeks post reversal now and the only discomfort I have is from the scar, but it’s getting better every day.

After week 2 I started getting noticeably better day to day. On the first day of week 3 I was cleared to start working out again, but I was told to be cautious and not push too hard. The only thing that really bothered me was picking stuff up off the ground stiff legged.

Like I said, the incision site is stiff from the scar and pulls at the soft skin around it, but I’m not complaining it’s 1000% better than before.


Also- I was talking with a doctor friend of mine and she told me that “in office” procedures are not reported in the same way if there is a complication. There is no way to track trends, etc.


Would you be able to post info on the reversal doc or at least the area where he is located?


Sure, his name is Dr. Case in San Antonio Tx. He was a very nice guy.