Vasectomy Reversal


Hi ther I had pain within 6 hours of the vasectomy and it continued for almost 26 years i was told by my GP that it was all in my head and he also had my wife convinced that it was,
I held onto that reqret for 26 years and saved money to have it reversed, My wife did not want me to reverse it. so when I had enough money I did it anyway, she is a self centred person and selfish as well, I would have done it sooner if I could have afforded it, $150 for the vasectomy and a few thousand to reverse, I never wanted the bloody thing in the first place as I was a fitness freak and believed that it was the most unatural thing that I could have ever done, my marriage was never the same and sex became a non event. If ever a simple surgery could ever change a person then I would say it would for me have been the vasectomy. I was tricked into it, yes I suffered depression, felt guilty etc, I have never accepted vasectomy as anything other than body mutilation


@Francis, hi that is great news that you are pain free. Do you mind me asking if you had a vas-vas reversal on both sides, or if the doctor had to do a bypass connection on one or both sides (vas-epi) ?


vas to vas on left side and the right side was so hard he done vas to epi only because years ago a dr tried to releive pain and he kinda botched the right side, in saying that I am very happy with the reversal, as i said I would be very lucky if I ever became fetile again, that part does not bother ma, I wanted to be pain free and I am


You’ve got quite the story @Francis.


Hi Ringo, if you go back in my posts you will find that I was only ever having the left side reversed vas to vas. as the right was done vas to epi was botched up and my testical was shrinking, I hope this clarifies cheers


I don’t recall ever reading that. I directly asked you what kind if repairs you had, ‘vas to vas, or vas to epi’, in the ‘reversal scheduled for August 13 thread’, and you said ‘vas to vas mate’. I caught the part about a shrunken testicle, and replied to that. Far as I know, I’ve read all your posts.

Whatever the case, if you go read that thread, it sure reads exactly like I’m saying.


@Francis, this his must be the post your speaking about, it was posted May 19, 2018.

I guess I missed this, or simply spaced it out, and I’m guessing pretty much everyone else here did to.

I don’t understand how you have a vas to epi repair on the side that’s missing the entire epi beins you say you had an epididymectomy on your right side.

Reversal scheduled for 13th of Aug