Vasectomy Reversal


Hey Im new to forum and this is my first post.
But Im almost 2 months post vasectomy reversal(August 7,2018) that was originally done 6 years ago.
After my vasectomy my T levels dropped hard to low 200s and I started TRT. I had to discontinue my T the last week of July before surgury.

Can anyone explain why its so hard for me to ejaculate now?
I realize my sex drive is gone due to my low levels, but I still have desire just takes me forever to orgasm. When I do its normal volume, color, etc. and no pain either.

I do still have the hard tendons or tubes around base of my pubic area. The swelling has gone done there a decent amount but I still feel like they are rocks.
My doctor who did both vasectomy and reversal said Im perfect and his ideal candidiate for the whole thing and Im recovering amazing. Why does my body not agree, or is it the power of my brain causing all these issues.
Any and all help is appreciated. I also do realize its usually 6 months for 100% recovery according to my doctor and average.


Hi mate, I had reversal mid August. From what I have learned from this and T-nation forum, it will take some time for hormones to re-balance and sensation to come back. Don’t know about you, but I still have some angry nerves down in my scrotum, and I ache somewhat, so your surgeon was right in saying that it will be 6 months, as mine said the same.


Is there a loss of sensation?Nerve issues?Or would you say it’s more of a body-mind disconnect.Maybe both or more.


Good question. Personally I feel its a lot mind, but major hormone level drop. At first the tight cords or rock hard tendons made it so uncomfortable I wasnt even interested. But now they’ve gone down in swelling and Im getting over that fear or weird feeling when they would be touched.
Now I just have no sex drive. I feel that is mainly due to hormone issues, as 5 days after my reversal when my levels were still higher or normal I had ejaculation pretty quickly.
Now as time has gone on and my levels have dropped I feel my drive gone.

So for me its hormonal, but because my hormone levels are low it also creates a brain issue. My confidence and attitude or the hunger in me are gone. I hope that makes sense.


What are your post reversal SA numbers looking like? Sperm count, and motility should definitely be considered if your trying to make some sort of fact based correlation/evidence between low testosterone, and reversal regarding your individual case.

Personally, and in fact, I’m quite certain there are many things to consider regarding individual cases.


My doctor will not do a SA til 6 months out.


Wow, that’s pretty something else considering many highly experienced microscopic hand reversal surgeons start checking around 6-8~ weeks post reversal.

Theres definitely some disagreement between reversal surgeons regarding when to start checking, what to do if the numbers are low, methodology, and on a whole slew of other things.

Personally, I tend to agree with the surgeon’s who start checking early. My reasoning is, there isn’t a whole lot they can do about things if your shooting blanks again at 6 months post reversal, whereas they can prescribe a steroid, NSAID, a combination of the two, etc to bring the inflammation down, and perhaps get you going if they catch the problem early in the healing process.


I am taking clomid regularly to help with my sperm production.


Clomid can kill your libido


Really, that could explain a lot.


Yes, it can raise your E2 levels out of range which gives many men sexual issues. You should probably get a full hormone panel to see exactly where your levels for all your hormones. Otherwise its just speculation.


Good advice. I forgot to mention I also take arimidex.


Hi guys well after vasectomy reversal, 6 weeks ago, my testosterone levels are still up there, I am totally free of pain and I am still sterile, mind you what do you expect after 26 years of been vasectomised, I am not to concerned about been fertile again, but bloody pleased to be pain free,


Great news, I am happy to read this! Hope your recovery continues to go smoothly


Hi Francis this is awesome to hear… and if am reading this correctly you had a reversal after 26yrs… during your yrs being of having a vasectomy how long did you experience pain?



This is increadible to hear that it worked after all this time…really goes to show how this part of the body should not be altered !


I would put myself in partially better after my reversal.
Vasectomy In january 2016, Reversal July 2016. Pain reduction right testicle 75%, Left Testicle 50% + new nerve pain inner thigh after reversal nothing too crazy.
Suffered with retrograde ejaculations for several months this year in 2018, seemed to improve recently.
Worst of it now is I have zero libido, might as well be a monk at this point.

I think the reversal was the right move, but I was hoping to be back to normal by now and it does not look like that will ever be the case.


@hisey thanks for the post. What were your initial issues from the vasectomy that resulted in pursuing a reversal? Who did your reversal and do you know if it’s still open?


The pain and reduced ejaculate were immediately after the vasectomy. I still have no desire to be “potent.” The reversal clinic, dr. Baldwin. I took two fertility tests afterwards both were positive. I still recommend getting it done, the pain levels were obscene before the reversal.


I have no pain but no libido and low orgasm quality. It is an odd and scary feeling. Hoping it returns as my hormone levels stabilize.