Vasectomy reversal success


Hi all, just an update, I Had a reversal on one sde only, on the 14th August, I am still pain free which was my main concern for having the reversal, after a semen test I am reporting that I am no longer shooting blanks, I am happy with the reversal, even excited that it worked, I won’ t be having any new babies as my wife is through the change of life. I want to wish all you guys out there well in your choices, and thanks for all your support. Cheers Francis


Glad to hear it @Francis.

Just so everyone is aware that reads this thread, Francis had an epididymectomy years ago, and had no epi on one side prior to his reversal. I don’t want anyone assuming to much far as why he had a unilateral reversal, and not a bilateral reversal. Obviously, a unilateral reversal was his only reversal option.


Francis, That’s great!

Thanks for keeping us updated.

Your journey was a long one. You are pain free now and no matter what life will be better because of that fact.

It’s easier to forgive and find acceptance once you get to a pain free state. It’s so hard to find any grace when your suffering is too great due to ongoing pain.


And providing we are understanding @Francis story correctly, seems he’s said he’s pain free post reversal, and he’s also had a unilateral epididymectomy.

If this is the case, he’s one of at lest two guys on this site that reported something positive regarding epididymectomy, which the majority of us are not fans of, especially as a first option.


im pretty sure his epididymectomy screwed him up big time aswell…i think last time I spoke to him he said it took a long time for it to settle? maybe if he could clarify this in regards to pain levels after epidiymectomy and how long it took for pain on that side to go, might be helpful for some here @Francis Its great to hear that someone who was im pain for over 20 years can still get better and move on.


Yes, that would be quite helpful, and useful for those reading his posts, or anyone’s for that matter.


Congrats!! Not sure if this question is appropriate, but if in the US, who did your reversal? What was recovery like?


Very encouraging! I am 15 years out and will be scheduling reversal with Dr. Marks at ICVR in January 2019. Good to hear a long delay after reversal can still yield positive results. During my phone consult with Dr Marks he said no guarantees, but he expects I should see positive changes despite the many years in my current state.


Great to hear this @Francis. Hope your recovery continues to go smoothly.


Hi sorry not in the US but in New Zealand, It was done in Auckland thanks for your reply


yes it did screw me up for quite sometime after both mentaly and physicily, I would not reconmend the epi, the right side testicle which is the side that was done has shrunk to a marble size, yes it was a long but now all good