Vasectomy Reversal - looking for advice


Hi Crotalus, I read your profile. Do you know what might have caused your pains after reversal? How many months post are you now? Are you pleased with the results?


It’s referred to on this site as “reversal pain”. 14 months. I am now finally seeing some benefits from reversal and am hopeful that these benefits will be sustained.


It has been 2.5 months since my vasectomy reversal (3/27/18). For 1.5 months, the recovery was very slow but it seemed steady. Then in mid May, I had a 2 week period where I felt like I was healing at a rapid pace. I had days where I felt 90 - 95% and I could walk/stand/sit with minimal to no pain. And then over the past 2 weeks, I have relapsed and the pain is right back to where it was, prior to the VR. My left testicle is cone shaped again. It’s very sensitive to the touch and it’s hanging low. I just don’t get it. Has the scar tissue now blocked off the vas? Am I leaking somewhere? Has my left epididymis blown out?

Has anyone else that has had a reversal experienced progress and then setback(s) like this? I am still taking papaya seed powder. It seemed to really be helping for 2 - 3 weeks and now it has died off.


I haven’t had a reveral but not sure if you should be doing papaya seed powder after reveral since you want to get sperm moving through the pipes and papaya reduces the amount of sperm the body produces


I didn’t initially use papaya but I still felt backed up/congested, even after the reversal. So I started taking papaya, just to try and get some type of pain relief. It worked for a few weeks but now I’m back to where I was.


Have you done anything strenuous?


Not really…I feel like I don’t really do anything at all. I don’t workout anymore. Don’t run. No golf. I’m so protected. If anything, I’m worried that I’m not moving enough and my body is starting to breakdown because of pain and being so inactive.


Mate, I know, this is absurd! I’m the same. I went to see PT, and she gave me some pelvic floor exercises to do every day, they have helped me a bit. How’s your testicle now @ncr?


@ncr have you had SA to see if pipes are open?


Hi @NCR i see you mention “My left testicle is cone shaped again” i have the exact same issue. I haven’t had a reversal but after my vasectomy i know notice that my left testicle like you said sits cone shaped and is higher than the right one especially when the testicles contract. But at time when everything is nice and relaxed both testicle sit symmetrical to one another. Does anyone know what the cause of that is?


I went in for an SA but when they said I had to do it dry (no lubrication), I tried and couldn’t get the deed done. I’ve already paid for it so I’ll eventually go back because I definitely want to know. I’ve dealt with so much over the past year…pressing to get an SA done is just one more thing to worry about. I’ll try again in a few weeks.


My problem is, I can’t figure out the cadence of why my left nut cones on me. Sometimes, it’s within a few hours after sex. Other times, it just happens in the middle of the week for no specific reason. It seems to me like it has to do with sperm production. Whenever my epi gets full…my left nut gets really sensitive and coned.

What do I know though. I’ve been to multiple doctors and they don’t have a good answer. I’m semi stable at this point. Not getting better. Not getting worse. Unfortunately, I’m learning to “live” with it. It’s been 10 months since my original vasectomy and 3 1/2 months since I had the reversal done.

I don’t regret the reversal though. I didn’t provide the immediate relief I was hoping for but it has improved my quality of living. For several months, I lived with 6 - 8 pain. Now I’m 2 - 4.


@ncr good to hear you are doing better and pain is half.


Thanks @ncr for the response I haven’t been able to get an answer either on why my left nut sits higher. It seems like it doesn’t have enough room to move down unless I move it around. Maybe it’s from the vas site maybe because of swollen episode or scar tissue who knows. Glad to hear your getting better and that you will continue to get better with time.