Vasectomy Reversal improved odds?


Hello all I just want to say I’m sorry for all of you as I too made the same mistake as you and had a vasectomy since then I have had chronic testicular ache in my left one with pain ranging from a 1-3 not bad. Regardless I severely regret my decision as I was 22 at the time and about to be 24. This is not all bad news as I have a theory on how to improve the odds in your favor if you do go the reversal route (which I’m heavily considering). I am heavily involved into the body building world including the drug part of it. This is where it will get interesting in my theories as I have helped athletes and seen mounds of evidence of these things healing injuries that were BAD like tears and major strains. Yes the people that tore things needed surgery but the healing time was cut in half and were stronger than before. So here goes the points

These are peptides and perfectly legal to own and sell but are not for “human consumption” and in no way am I telling you to use these I am merely giving you the information.

  1. Mk677 (Ibutamoren) Is a Growth Hormone secretagogue meaning it simply signals the brain to produce more GH or Growth Hormone. Gworth Hormone has been shown in countless studies to vastly improve healing times. Sources below

  1. Tb500 (Thymosin Beta 4) is a systemic compound that is a water based peptide basically in laymans terms it reduces inflammation and creates a environment of healing throughout the whole body through the creation of new body vessels. BUT there is a slight risk of cancer growth IF you already have cancer to begin with. There are no studies on humans yet but a plethora of evidence supporting rapid healing.

  2. BPC157 ( Body Protecting Compound 157) Is another peptide that originates from gastric juices to help the healing process through the same way TB500 does except this one doesn’t have the carrier to go systematic.

Please also youtube these compounds but the theory is in using the Mk677 with either 1 or all it would be very synergistic thus creating and environment of super healing. While taking these though you would need to fuel the body with the materials to fix itself meaning a very good diet. With these theoretically speaking one could improve the odd GREATLY for themselves.

Again I am in no way saying use these

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Couldn’t these potential make you heal too fast perhaps healing over after reversal thus closing the vas defrens up again?

Only one ball hurts?


Yes for me it’s just the one from congestion, but the healing to fast and causing over heal could be a possibility but many of these peptides prevent the buildup of scar tissue and are heavily anti-inflammatory. It makes me wonder why the have not made a biodegradable stint that would stay in the vas and over the period of a few months slowly degrade. Or make a microscopic wire that could be inserted to knock out the scar build up.


If you are talking about stents to be used during a reversal to keep the inner lumen open, it’s already been tried with no luck.


it’s not so much scar tissue building up as the vas deferens scarring down. Think of a healthy vas as a wet continuous noodle. The blood supply helps keep the noodle wet and slippery and full. When you get a reversal it does no good unless they resect enough to get to two a sections with a healthy blood flow and no previous damage from cautery or whatever other trauma was inflicted on it when it was pulled/yanked severed/folded over etc… The connected sections or section, absent good blood flow can just close down like a dried out noodle.

What can you do to prevent this?

1). Select the best microsurgeon you can. One that knows what to look for when he is preparing you to be hooked back up.

2). Be healthy. Which means quit smoking and drinking cut down on sugar and eat right while you are healing and beyond.


Don’t you mean, what can you do to “possibility” prevent this"?

Getting healthy, and doing all the things you recommend is my best guess too, but I’m certainly not on board that the getting super healthy ideology will spare the majority a bilateral reversal failure.

I’ve seen several have failures that didn’t do any of these negative things to their body’s.

I had great numbers post redo reversal, and they held steady for over a year and a half (well over 100 million and 80% motile). Out of nowhere, I went to a zero.

Dr Marks actually called me out, and said I wasn’t following the rules far as daily/regularly ejaculating. I told him that wasn’t the case, and it wasn’t the case.

His response was, blarg, scarring :disappointed:



Thanks for sharing this and your story. Are you still able to work out same as before?

I was getting in really good shape and taking an interest in light bodybuilding before the vas. I can’t do super strenuous high intensity workouts anymore like I used to. Just light exercise, like a fucking old man now.

As far as improving odds, I doubt it will improve odds, but it might just make healing times quicker. If your pain is on the milder side, you could try the papaya seed powder or T therapy to shut down production and see if it helps. Just know, that there is a small chance that a reversal could make you worse, no matter what your doc says, it can happen. It’s unlikely, but just be aware.

I had my reversal three weeks ago today and while I don’t regret it and the recovery was actually way easier than the vasectomy, I haven’t noticed much improvement yet, maybe 5%, hard to put a number on it really.

Good luck man.


That’s the beauty of these, one of the ways they work (the main way) is making new capillaries and blood vessel proliferation, that’s why for instance BPC is great for tendon regrowth to bone and healing because it wll cause more blood and nutrients to the area.


Yes I can still workout and do all normal activities that I did before hand, most days its a 1 or 2 and the only time its an issue is if I am slightly a little too rough I might add that that ball gave me issues with weird pain before the vas occasionally. Yes I am aware of the pain may become worse than before. Also NO I will not be using TRT as my T levels are around 700-800 and great, when I get older then yea as far as papaya I want more evidence on how it works because I don’t know of ANY thing that shuts the sperm production down that doesn’t have an effect of T levels.


that’s what’s strange with people that one day it just boom gone. I am actually talking to a friend of mine who is a Uro and he fully believes that PVPS is real and is about a 8-10% chance for all men, after my case he always warns patients now. One thing he wants to and has been doing while doing vasectomies is looking for any abnormalities within that region and does scans before hand he will then do the vas and follow up with his patients afterwards 3,9 and 12 months. Just to see what else to look for that could cause these issues. We were theorizing different means of stopping sperm production that didn’t effect T levels as well as ways to vastly improve vas reversal success rates.


Sounds like he’s a good doc. We need more urologists like that.

Most of the guys here were told 1 in 1,000 or some BS like that, and then once you have issues, they wash their hands of you. Disgusting really.


the thing is he’s a young guy 29 and I’ve known him for a while, he isn’t one of the old crusty know it all doctors


Fixed that for you lol.


Yeah, I don’t have any answers there.


Absolutely 100% true.