Vasectomy Recovery


It’s been 9 days since my vasectomy. I know that is a relatively short time to know whether what I experiencing will last. Still healing. Had one incision at center top of scrotum, ends of vas deferens were cauterized.

Wore a jockstrap longer than needed probably. Felt soreness in area from any type of movement. Been consistent. Whenever I get an erection, it hurts some. I jacked off at day 5 to see if I could handle sex. (Probably a mistake but the idea of sex, my sex drive, increased, mentally, that is). I stroked slowly. I felt the intensity of an impending orgasm. But semen did not shoot out of my penis like it usually does. It oozed out, leaked out. Felt good but not amazingly good like we know cumming is. Cumming left my urethra with a burning sensation afterward. I noticed while stroking my cock, there was an indescribable sensation… like a vibration with pain, like something me back. I don’t know. So I jacked off twice since to no change.

I agree that my penis as well has lost some sensitivity. I hope this all will change and just be an immediate side effect of the procedure.

Thank you, everyone for your posts. Sex is an important part of every man’s life and it is good to know I am not alone on this journey of a new me.


It’s day 9. Just relax and give it time.


Thanks for your reply. Just impatient with these symptoms.