Donate has spun up a discourse/forum


Just wanted you all to know that has added a new discourse/forum area to the website.

I’m not sure if the new forum is really the place for some people to go over there and vent, be angry, act crazy, and/or take their frustrations out on, or at that place as it caters to all types of people including males, females, vasectomy cheerleaders, men without any significant complications afterwards, men with complications afterwards, men with pain, pvp - pvps - sexual side effects, etc, men that never had a vasectomy, and anyone else you can imagine.

I know there are people in this world, and on this site that want their stories to be heard, want to get the word out, want to make a difference, want to see change, etc, and is a more unbiased, well rounded place that gets a lot of traffic, and has a lot of information for all types of folk (compared to this website).

Anyway, just thought I’d share this with everyone.


I got a number of full screen ads every couple of minutes while on this website. Is that suppose to happen?


I have no idea @SomeGreyBIoke, I just stumbled across the addition to the new forum on that site. I never used to get any sort of pop-up adds, or anything annoying on there on many previous visits I’ve made there in the past. There are links to that site posted all over this forum.

I know that I’ve made comment on here before that if that website wants to make the claim of being the largest, and/or most complete vasectomy information database on the internet, it sure is lacking some important information, amongst some other things.


Oops sorry, my bad. I mis-read your post, thought it’s associated with this website.