Vasectomies down


I have just read an artical that says vasectomies are down 65% in th UK and states so much so that it is concerning the united nations on population control. Is this TRUE ,If this is correct then men are waking up, all I can say to that is how awesome

Why do people say there's no male birth control pill?

I was reading article in a newspaper a couple of weeks ago, conclusion was because people divorce or want to start family later in live.


Here’s a nearly identical thread started well over a year ago~. It includes links to the sources of the information, etc.


I think sites like this one are making a difference. I hope this creates a market for new research and technology in the area of mens fertility. A less invasive procedure or medical solution perhaps. It’s good for both sexes if men have more options.


I’d like to know whether vasalgel is better from a PVPS standpoint. There are several ways in which I could imagine it being better such as:

  1. Maybe it has a lower rate of PVPS
  2. Maybe it is cheaper to reverse
  3. Maybe patency rates after reversal are better
  4. Maybe it has a lower rate of messing up orgasms


I mean, it just seems obvious that it would be easier to reverse since you aren’t chopping out a centimeter of vas and supposedly you just break the clog up with a solvent.

Some of us would find a higher accidental pregnancy rate an acceptable tradeoff for a lower chronic pain rate if it came to that.

Also, maybe there could be hybrid approaches where you go in with a scalpel and isolate the vas for more precise needle insertion.

But progress is really going to be slow if no one will recognize that there is a problem to solve.


The problem I saw with vasagel is they still yank your vas deferens out through a hole in your scrotum to inject it with the polymer/gel substance. What’s the point if you’re doing that much damage to begin with? I


It may end up being the case that vasalgel does not offer better PVPS outcomes compared with cutting or clipping. I think we need to see what the experiments show.

However, what I am thinking is for example you don’t sever as many vas nerves when you do vasalgel, so that’s a plus. Also as I said, it may be much cheaper to reverse.


Apparently they inject solution that dissolves the gel.


Again, the problem is they yank your vas out of a hole in your scrotum to inject the “dissolving” agent. The technology and skill required to inject through the scrotum into the vas and hit the lumen is not trivial. When someone invents a robot to do that then you may have something. As long as your average joe bloe urologist wants to do it/a piece of that action you will have problems because it requires too much precision while any hack can do a vasectomy.


Thanks Ethan for your help, i really appreciate it a lot as i found a lot of useful information. MikeO, i do agree with that and that’s why not everyone should be allowed to do it.


Beins thus thread has veered off topic a bit into vasectomy alternatives such as vaselgel, RISUG, etc, I figured I’d post a link to a to another thread that’s about just that. Feel free to add to the conversation.


It might be part of a bigger trend toward less sex in general:

(of course, I had this procedure hoping to be a rabbit).


It had the opposite effect on my sex life too which is the exact opposite of how it is pushed, advertised and sold.

Testosterone levels are dropping in this country and they don’t know why. That may have something to do with it. Maybe the insane, environment-trashing, habit we have in this country of buying water in plastic bottles. We are awash in a sea of plastic debris in this country.


very true there, sold on rubbish no wonder we are in such trouble


Yes, baking powder…


Vasalgel still lets the sperm flow, it only is fatigued in such a way that your shots are useless. Thing is that the rest of the world (specially politics) is filled with misogynistic pigs so it is easier to let women suffer with birth control than to let men take responsibility for change. Vasalgel would be on the market in no time if any support came from a health minister.


What sex life? Mine was amputated during the vasectomy. I have the sex life of a cat now, once every year and it is very painful :’)


I hear you mate so true same deal


I’ve never heard anything like that. Perhaps you could post a link to clarify your statement.

To the best of my knowledge, it is an obstruction type procedure that doesn’t allow anything to pass by the obstruction. Letting anything pass by the obstruction would be asking for trouble (failure) IMO.


Unlike in a vasectomy (see blood-testis barrier), the vas deferens is not completely blocked, the body does not have to absorb the blocked sperm…

Vasalgel is designed such that fluids may pass through the gel, but sperm cannot. This will possibly reduce the amount of back-pressure.