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Hi gents

I am seven weeks post vas and thankfully am not in a terrible amount of pain, mainly 1-2 which is liveable. The pain is mainly on my right side (groin), initially radiated into my stomach and abdomen but this has no going which is a positive. The surgeon advises that sperm has leaked from the vas sites on both sides and crystallised (he said not a granuloma), causing the scar tissue to rub against the nerve. I started on 10mg of Amytriptilane last week and have now increased to 20mg, I understand it takes 3-4 weeks to get into my system and am also taking 150mg per day of diclofenac (anti - inflam).

As mention I am okay with the pain and am confident that as only in the initial stages of healing I will be fine, even if it takes months.

The main annoyance is every couple of days or so, normally after walking for any length of time, I get the “pinched nut” effect which even though not painful, sends me sick and makes my head anxious and depressed.

I have tried wearing a jock but this seemed to bring the pinched nut on to more effect.

I am hoping to go on a three day break this thurs to Spain with my brothers in law but am concerned that this “pinched nut” will come on and put me on a downer.

Any advise greatly appreciated.


Sorry to hear you still have soreness Woody.

When I saw the Dr last week, he said that often scar tissue starts out larger and firmer, then begins to soften and shrink over time.

Does moving/resting/sitting help with the pain? Also, do you think being in a pool might help? This could take pressure off the area.

Is there an in-between level of support for briefs? I remember reading someone found he had to strike the right balance of support but not too tight.


Hi Robert

The pain (and I use the word loosely) occurs after walking. Its not really pain, more of a sick feeling from pinched nut, which affects my mood more than myself.

Thanks for the info on the scar tissue, good to know, and thats what my surgeon effectively said. As i am not in permanent pain and no pain anywhere else in my body, I am hopeful the scar tissue is just pushing on the nerve and not enveloped around it.

I probably did not take enough care of myself after the op, as I wore boxers and only last week started with briefs after the surgeon recommended it.

I am taking a hot bath most days which feels great afterwards.

I have 3 to 4 great days of very little aches or pain and then 2 of increasing which gets into my head.

I think I am going to give the trip a miss, because not even beer can overcome the pinched but feeling


I don’t suppose your doc gave you any ideas how to improve the shrinking of the scar tissue? Anti inflammatories?


He told me I could keep up the anti-inflammatories, so I assume that’s the link. Ibuprofen (Advil) and Naxopren (Aleve) are the two here in the US.

Personally, it 10 days or so for them to start kicking in. I took a dose of 600mg 3x daily with food. You want to avoid alcohol with ibuprofen.


I really hope it settles down for you and just goes away. I know that sick like feeling when you feel that pinch pain. It immediately puts your brain in “something really wrong” mode. Even if it’s not constant. As for putting things off till it sorts itself out. It may always be there. I have basically isolated myself to family. Passed up many opportunities. If you can handle it and it’s not ridiculous keep rolling as normally as possible. it will help to keep your brain positive. Hope the Elavil helps.Ibuprophen does work as Robert says.


Thanks RSS

I’m sure I will be fine, I am only at 8 weeks post vas and my pain(if you can call it that) is a cross between uncomfortable and mildly irritating, so nothing that affects day to day part from currently being able to exercise.

The left hand side has definitely calmed down over the last week or so, but the right has flared up a little, probably due to me messing with it.

My main annoyance (not the pain) is the lack of information on line about recovery from a vasectomy, it is either back to work with no problems in a week, or a lifetime of pvps, with no middle ground information.

Could I live with this - yes

Do I want to - not really.


There are a few stories on the web about guys with extended recoveries that eventually got better, or stopped posting about it at least. Can this get better over time? I guess. What seems to happen with most of us on here is we have issues right away and they never really go away. Sometimes they get “better” on their own, sometimes surgery helps, sometimes it’s multiple procedures and time.

Do you count someone as “better” if they are 80% of their pre-vas state two years after a vas reversal? Part of it is how you define recovery.

I think a lot of the reason there isn’t much information out there for patients is that the guys performing vasectomies don’t want you to know about it. They’d be happy if it were a procedure that you had on Friday and were fine on Monday. The problem is that guys don’t like talking about this stuff so those that have minor problems probably don’t post much or talk much about it. Those of us with bad problems do - and get blown off.

There is a study out there that compares pain rates at 1 year and 10 years after vasectomy. Basically the pain rates were close to the same between the two. So while some got better, and some people probably developed late pain, a substantial portion of guys were still in pain at 10 years. That doesn’t bode well for the whole - give it time argument.


I agree there’s not much out there. Probably a big part is guys are unwilling to admit pain, since the old school thought is that it isn’t manly.

Although less than one year there are clearly people who healed. Dr. P also remarked to that extent that healing continues up to 12 months.


I think another thing is social media and sites like these. Guys don’t like talking about their junk, especially before the the Internet and opportunities like this. Nowadays people are more willing and able to share experiences and I think it will help put a face to PVPS.


Yes is strange as the NHS seems to love statistics and recovery rates, but all they state is that 1 out of 10 will have long term pain.

Why is there no info or % on the people who had pain after vas but we’re okay within 3/6/12 months.

A csse go Mulder and Skully?


Do you know of an equivalent to Dr P on the other side of the pond in the UK?


@Woody, there’s a sticky post here in the library under “PVPS Specialists” a couple UK-based are listed.


Hi there!

I just found this thread - any luck in dealing with the scar tissue? My husband and I were talking and we think that might be his issue. His vasectomy was 3 years ago, the reversal was 2 years ago, and when the surgeon went in to do the reversal, he said my husband had SO much scar tissue, it looked like he was 15 years out from the original vasectomy, not 1. We really wonder if that is what is causing this relentless pain, especially the sharp pain that kicks in quite often.

Just curious! We’ve been told myofacial release therapy and orthobionomy could be helpful? I don’t really know what those things are though - need to do some more research,