Vas Revrersal chances?


What do you guys think are my chances of becoming fertile again and having the pipes open indefinitely? I’m 24 in good shape I can exercise and do all my normal stuff. My left testicle has congestive epididymis though and that’s why I am thinking of the reversal. my vas was 2 years ago I have spoken with two reversal surgeons about my issues and they said about 85-90% chance it would fix the issue. I have no nerve pain or anything else just a dull ache in my testicle a 1 to a 3 on bad days in terms of pain.


what have you done in terms of dealing with it? hot baths, Nsaids, etc?


Nsaids and hot baths tbh I also want to be fertile again I NEVER would have thought id say that but I made a fucking horrendous mistake. My pain isn’t bad at all and there are some days and weeks its not even there. again my pain never went above a 3


You odds will be best if you pick the best surgeon. It’s that simple. I would go to someone that does a lot of them. If they do them exclusively that’s probably better. If they have been doing it a long time, that’s good too.


Definitely get a reversal surgeon who treats PVPS guys. Last thing you want is getting a vas-epi reconnection, which could make things worse. Where are you located?

As far as 85-90%, that is highly misleading. About 85-90% might get ‘some’ improvement, but if your pain was a 10/10 before and you went to a 9/10 after, then that’s considered part of the 85-90%. I’d hardly call that successful.

As far as being pain free, or significantly improved, the odds are about 70%. Parakattill says about 69%, Tandon, Sabanegh’s research about 70%, Jarvi, 75%.

There is of course a very small chance of getting worse. It’s rare, but it can happen.

If you’re concerned about staying fertile in the future, then bank your sperm once you’ve returned to fertility, and if you want kids in the future, you can use the sperm you’ve saved. It’s pretty cheap IIRC.