Varying pain after 4 weeks and spread to rectum


First time poster here. Feeling depressed with a lot of regrets. I had my no-scalpel, no-needle, no-separate consult vasectomy on 6/30/17. Seemed like a great option with the latest methods. I have had varying PVP ever since. Basic recovery was incredibly slow. Took weeks. Once I became functional around the house I tried exercising- no go. About once a week I’d have intercourse with my wife and it would be incredibly painful, pains shooting up the right side hip and back of the hip. On and off swelling of the vas cutoff location. Doc just says take lots of ibuprofen and sitz baths.
I’m now out of town and began feeling pain on the right side of my rectum. Every day this week it’s been getting worse. Feel like I’m sitting on a rock, can’t sleep at night from the pain, and have a fever. Went to a local doc who said he couldn’t see any abscess or any lumps whatsoever. Went ahead and prescribed me antibiotics anyways along with pain pills. Today is day 1 on the prescription and I feel no different.
I have a wife and 4 little kids to take care of, not to mention vacation this weekend. Feel like canceling it. Horrible.

Has anyone else had pain spread to the anus/rectum?


Yep, your story sounds all to familiar. I had pains spread into my anus, and everywhere about a foot above, and below my waist line at minimum.

Things may get worse before they get better, but you will likely start making some progress eventually. You are still early in your recovery, and it’s hard to say what’s next.

I suppose I should welcome you to the forum, but I’m actually sorry you are here.


Your rectal pains are very common post vas. Mine developed around month 4. For me, it felt like an electrical shock through my anus though occasionally it would be heavy pressure like I was about to pass a giant rock. It’s extremely uncomfortable. Most believe this is pudenal nerve involvement though no one knows for sure.

Sorry you are here.


Thanks guys, I feel a tad better knowing I’m not alone and that it will most likely pass as some point.


I highly doubt you have an infection, so be careful about being on antibiotics long term.

I still have that rectal pressure 10 months out, but it’s definitely improved somewhat.

I think that the pain causes you to tense your pelvic floor, or the pelvic floor muscles are in spasm due to nerve damage.

Deep breathing, relaxation techniques and pelvic floor relaxation exercises/stretches are key here. I didn’t start doing that until 4 months post-vas and I wish I started right away. They’ve helped a lot and I don’t feel like I’m sitting on a tennis ball anymore.

Where are you located? You’re still early and might be totally fine, but you should get your ducks in a row and find a good PVPS doc. The asshat vasectomist who did this to you will probably tell you it’s not PVPS, just an infection or prostatitis.

Good luck to you.


I’m in the Dallas ft worth metroplex. I’m all ears if there’s a known PVP doc around.


There’s a directory around here.

I believe Lipshultz? is a Houston based uro who does a lot of reversals.

Check here:


Hello! I am also in the Dallas area. My doctor who did the vasectomy actually warned me thoroughly of the risks (which I ignored like a pharmaceutical commercial on tv). He has been great to do his best to help me afterward. His name is Dr. Tim McAuliff. I don’t believe he is in the “directory”, but very much so acknowledges PVPS. He has gone as far as to give me his cell number in case I need to text him about a new concern anytime. If your doctor isn’t interested or equipped to help you, you can always give him a try. His office is in Plano.


Your doctor sounds like a good man. I’m not mad at my original urologist for ending up with chronic pain after my vasectomy. I’m mad at him because he didn’t give me adequate warning as to the risks. He totally glossed over than which a lot probably most doctors do. That is what we need to change we need to make it harder for them to do that. Bad outcomes happen but as another doctor once told me you can honestly say you have never have any bad outcomes if you don’t accept you’ve ever had any bad outcomes.


I’m the OP and yes I also used Dr McAuliff and have his personal cell. As it turns out my situation got worse and I went to the ER last night in which case they found I had a deep abscess only visible through a CAT scan. Once it was lanced I came back to life. I don’t suspect an infection like this was due to vasectomy and neither does the ER doc. Crazy that this happened so close to the vasectomy which caused me to blame it right away. Once I’m fully recovered with the abscess healing I can check out how the scrotum is doing with exercising and sex.


Was the abscess in your scrotum? I wonder if the shaving prep for the procedure could have caused it.


Did you have a fistula? Wow, I guess when we heard the words fever and rectum it had to be something else. You’ll probably be fine! The heightened state of your immune system was probably making everything else hurt too.

Where exactly was the abcess?


Wow, you are the second guy I’ve heard of that had something far beyond the norm going on, and a scan/ultrasound/etc picked it up.

Your story is similar to the other guys to. Things went from getting better, to getting worse, and worse, and his doc did an emergency ultrasound. They found an infection in his epi tail, and apparently it was hardly noticeable on the ultrasound images. Luckily, someone that was highly skilled reading ultrasound images spotted it.

They told him he would’ve lost his testicle if they caught the infection any later.

Thanks for sharing, hope you get better.


In a horrible location. Right under the midline of the perineal. The needle had to go in deep - absolutely excruciating. Then doc had to stick his finger in my ass so he could push on the back of the abscess. Terrible experience but glad it’s over.

I had a previous abscess and fistula 8 years prior to this.


Just wanted to report… no fistula developed post abscess and no PVP pain either.