Usefull link for UK patients here from NICE


Nice a government body regulate all treatment in the UK every doctor should be following there guidelines and should have there book and the BMF on there desk…

Here is there guidelines on sterilisation they class the risk as 14%!scenariorecommendation:2

No doctor in the UK can argue with nice guidelines, I will work to get page and paragraph out of the recent hardcopy so you can qoute as need to any doctor you see.


Hi mate,
looking forward to hearing about these guidelines, your link won’t open in New Zealand


This link won’t open in the US either. Stupid.

The one good thing about the NHS is that they can’t run from problems they create. Thus you are more likely to see responsible guidelines because the burden of fixing guys falls on the same single payer.

If you could extract the recommendations and post them that would be great.