Urinating issues


Ok so this isn’t about pain or anything. I’m 12 days Post vasectomy, everything is going okay (I think) very little pain, the odd minor twinge every now and then, minimal swelling, no pain with erection or ejaculation (although only done two so far haha) not attempted sex with my partner yet.

But I’ve had this issue since the op with urinating. I get the urge to go more now, and urine leaks out occasionally, and I can almost feel the urine sort if creeping up my urethra. If that makes sense. Also have a very mild burning sensation sometimes.

Does anyone have any theories? Anyone had similar issues and they’ve resolved, or gotten better? I’ve had my urine tested twice and there’s no sign of infection.


I had this but it wasn’t related to my vasectomy (it was years before it), I guessed it was a bladder problem so I cut all caffeine and soft drinks, drank only water and a lot of it for a few days and it went away. Try it, who knows.


Thanks very much. I will give it a go, as you say, who knows.