UPDATE 2 YRS LATER: Pain mostly gone but Cipro disability


Hey guys,

I wanted to post an update because I feel like a lot of people are probably similar to me where they get better and don’t really want to revisit the past and come back to these forums.

Basically, I had my V over 2 years ago. At first I seemed to be healing normally but then started getting a bunch of pain about 1 month out. I’ll break it out into the types of pain that I had:

  1. Acute pain near the clips - This went on for well over a year. I’d say it dissipated entirely around 1.5 years. In retrospect I believe that this was scar tissue type pain. Some people thought it might be a pinched nerve. Overall this was the worst part of the pain because I would feel it when I walked or tried to do anything active.
  2. Acute shocks/pinching. I believe that this is best described the tubes rupturing maybe? Everything would be fine and all of a sudden it would be like a kick in the balls. Fortunately these occurred weeks apart and these really didn’t happen after about 6 months. However, early on this felt like something was really wrong.
  3. Congestion. This isn’t completely gone. It comes and goes but the more time went by, the less often it happened. I last felt this a couple weeks ago but it’s something that I can handle as an “annoyance” now.

The biggest problem for me is that I made the mistake of going back to my doctor when I had pain and he prescribed my Cipro. I had a severe toxic reaction to Cipro and it basically did permanent damage to me and I’m since partially disabled as a result (damage to achilles and other tendons). I also have other issues like permanent tinnitus from Cipro.

Given my experience, my biggest advice to anyone dealing with pain is to continue to give it time as it may self-resolve in 1-2 years. Aside from that, my other advice is to refuse to take whatever antibiotics the doctor offers. It’s really the stupidest thing the doctor can do and as 99% of people can attest to, it doesn’t really do anything other than give the doctor a bonus from the pharma companies. I’ve found that the pain is cyclical anyway so even if you think the antibiotics are helping, it really isn’t. The pain just comes and goes in cycles anyway. Cipro really fucked me over for life although fortunately that is very slowly getting better with time too.

Best of luck to everyone out there still dealing with issues.


Hey SoCal, thanks for posting. You are not kidding about the cure being worse than the disease when it comes to PVPS. The meds used to treat it can destroy your gut and your body (i.e. Cipro tendons, NSAIDS gut, Anti Seizure meds/Gabapentin Brain Fog, Opiods Brain Fog/Addiction etc…)

I am med free currently. I wish I could say I’m hunky dory but like you I have issue from the therapies I’ve used to deal with the pain and I still have some very QOL diminishing pain issues.

Antibiotics are one of the things thrown at us by urologists that have no real tools to help us with the pain created by vasectomy. They are not without side effects. I had what felt like prostatitis for 5 years straight until my reversal so I was prescribed a ton of them.