Turmeric for inflammation


I have managed to get a sports hernia, and doc gave me naproxen to take for inflammation and told me to rest for 3 months. Taking naproxen had a side effect of substantially calming down my epi and testicle which is great. As naproxen is pretty heavy medicine and doesn’t really agree with my stomach, I have started researching other alternative natural remedies for inflammation and constantly came across turmeric with curcumnin and black pepper pills and how powerful they are without side effects.

I have ordered a supply, started taking it and slowly phased out naproxen, and after 2 months, my epi is still best it’s ever been! Just wondered if other guys tried it as well? What was your experience like?

This is the stuff I ordered:


I had reversal 14 months ago… months 8 through 10 were rough. I was advised to try natural anti-inflammatories such as turmeric by someone who had overcame chronic pain issues. One of the supplements I am taking is turmeric, I take one capsule a day. I have had significant improvement since starting turmeric about 2 months ago, but I have been taking other things as well for the last several months and so it is hard to specify if and what is helping. My improvements could also be just from time as it can take 6 to 12+ months before realizing the benefits from reversal.


I have been treated my pain the butcher told me it was epidermis and and for what i read here i. This forum was congestion so i developed my own recipe cuz pain medication or antibiotics wasn’t cutting it for me so i try papaya seed with turmeric both powder with arnica tee and its been life changing i take it first thing as i wake up last thing as i going to sleep i don’t known if it is a good combo or not but i after 4 months take it i feel really good


Hey Victor how are you taking the papaya seed and turmeric powder? Are you mixing it with the tea?


hi, i am using fresh organic tumeric root, i am in new zealand and we get it imported from fiji. if you can get hold of fresh tumeric it works really well as a tea. check health food or organic stores near you and see if anyone is selling locally.

grate it finely and steep in boiling water. chronic pain stronger brew, drinking constantly seems to work for me. can be used weaker as a daily tonic when pain not present.