True rate of PVPS, and/or other complications?


So… after a couple of scares I’m now seriously considering vasectomy and have found this group while researching the possible complications. To be honest the prospect of chronic pain terrifies me, but so does the prospect of unplanned pregnancy.
My partner was the one who suggested vasectomy and I’m not against doing my bit. However, I would like to know that the odds are very much in my favour for a good outcome. All the material I’ve seen suggests the risk of chronic pain is very low, though I’ve also seen a figure of 30% mentioned on forums. Does anyone have any links to papers concluding that the rate of chronic pain is possibly as high as 30%?


My urologist told me the figures vary based on the severity of pain being studied and the length of time since vasectomy. This study (posted in the Library on this forum) found 15% of vasectomized men have pain at 7 months out. There are other studies posted there.


Just don’t do it. I wish someone warned me before I had my vasectomy 2.5 years ago, lost one testicle,my testosterone and hormones are messed up, am on antidepressants and ache daily. Most ironic thing is that I had reversal and am back being patent again and am praying to God that I will heal in years to come. My reversals surgeon stats say that up to 40% men have issues


Hello Tendernut.
For a start you say the prospect of chronic pain terrifies you…
Well ,nobody on this forum is pain free and after 6 years and a reversal i for one am not …
Not your idea either …welcome to resentment city if you have any problems…
I don’t have any figures but my doctor admitted he has counselled a lot of men post vas.
There are many forms of contraception available so try them all before resorting to surgery …atb Rob


I’ll agree with Rob and say try all other avenues you feel comfortable with before even considering a vasectomy. How do you think an unplanned pregnancy will impact your life? How do you think PVPS will impact your life? It’s easy to understand what kids can do to your life because you see it all over, but the same isn’t true for PVPS.

What odds are you okay with? Is 25% chance of PVPS okay? 10%? 3%? I don’t think you’ll get reliable numbers anywhere. Instead of PVPS what if you lost a finger when things didn’t go well? I luckily still have all my fingers and don’t really know how bad losing a finger is, but substituting that in for PVPS may make you rethink things since losing a finger is easier to visualize. Knowing what I know now, I would exhaust all of my options before considering a vasectomy. 100% oral/anal and/or a fleshlight would probably make my list before a vasectomy also.


I will echo the sentiments here. Consider this a sign that you are seeing this. Easily the worst decision of my life. Immense regret, depression and guilt. There is literally a chance I will never have sex again. I feel like I tried to cheat nature and am paying immensely for it. I feel like I castrated myself. Vasectomy is a completely unnatural and unnecessary procedure. I would take having 3 more kids than the way I feel now. Think hard about the future. Its a 20 minute procedure than can have a 50+ year negative impact on your life, hormones, and health. Its too good to be true. I’m not sure I will ever forgive myself for this decision.


I guess a big part of the problem then is that lots of people know someone for who vasectomy has been fine. In my partners case thus includes her father. Whilst I would like to have complete control over my own fertility in the same way women do with their many contraceptive options, it’s not really taking much to steer me away from vasectomy. My partner on the other hand will probably take a lot more convincing. For her vasectomy is the best option.


For life-changing chronic pain i have seen the figure 0.9% in a scientific study with about 600 men and a 10 year follow up.
Seems like a low risk but think about it one more time. I really wish I would have done that…

And yes, for every one with pain there are +90 who will tell you it’s a great decision and there is nothing to worry about.


Tell her to come to this forum and read about us. An IUD is a much better non-permanent option.


My turn to chime in, and some of what I’m going to say is just my opinion, and/or my personal views on this subject.

A big part of the misconceptions regarding vasectomy outcomes is that it seems to be a taboo subject. How many people do you hear talking about this stuff in every day life? How regularly do you hear about any of this stuff from actual people? Think about it. Vasectomy is socially accepted as a safe, side effect free thing to do to yourself without much, if any real data to support their personal hard wired beliefs.

What I’m talking about also ties into why you don’t see piles of men chiming in about this stuff online. It’s taboo, and simply talking about this invokes negativity within their own selves, their own minds, etc. Nobody wants to be thought of as less of a man, nobody wants to talk about their man parts in public, and that’s exactly why many men never tell anyone beyond their partner, spouse, etc, that they’ve even had a vasectomy. That last part is a statistically proven fact.

There’s many guys on this site that asked around, asked friends, friends of friends, coworkers, etc, and got feedback that they were perfectly fine before they had the procedure done to themselves. In many cases, those people encourage others to do it to themselves. It was only afterwards when some of these guys re-asked the same people, and some of them came clean about things like post ejaculate pain, aches, pains, twinges, change in orgasm, change in how their testicles hang, sexual side effects, hormones, etc.

Sure, many claim to be just fine. Many have their own opinions far as why it’s the man’s duty, how they justify what they did to themselves, how and why they justify the trade off in their own minds in many cases, etc. What I’m talking about here is part of why the data regarding positive outcomes is skewed far as I’m concerned.

All the replies above are being straight up with you in regard to why the data seems to vary. Here in the states our capitalist driven AUA sites the lowest statistics for pvp, pvps, etc. Look over the Canadian CUA statistics and those numbers seem to be significantly higher. Look over the NHS statistics and their even higher. All of that can be found online directly from their source websites. The CUA, and the NHS are not capitalist driven medical systems, thus it would seem they would be more honest about statistics as the majority of complications fall back on their systems as a loss $.

If you research how many vasectimist’s are actually keeping tabs on outcomes, following them out many months, several years, etc, it’s almost unheard of, and thats pretty rediculas. Based on my own research, the vast majority of vasectomists are not following up with all their clients. For instance, a vasectomist does up to 20K+ vasectomys over a period of years, decade/s, etc, and at some point mails out 400~ pamphlets to their clients to fill out, send back, and takes that data and applies it to his 20K as some sort of factual information, and/or creates statistics with that bit of information. That’s pretty bunk. Or, the vasectomist doesn’t acknowledge, accept, etc they’ve have any bad outcomes, and preach that as a matter of fact. Or, many vasectimist’s may believe that no news is good news. These are all terrible ways to create statistics.

There’s already a bunch of threads on this site that read much like yours, and you might want to check them out to. Considering vasectomy, should I get a vasectomy, wife wants me to get a vasectomy, I don’t trust this procedure, thanks for the warnings everyone, and so on.

There’s threads on this site regarding sexual side effects, low testosterone, hormonal changes, prostate issues, etc, and you should check them out as well. You, and anyone else for that matter won’t get much, if any encouragement to get a vasectomy here. Your simply at the wrong website to get cheerleaded into doing such a thing to yourself.

It’s your life, and it’s your choice. One thing is for certain, should you decide to go through with this, if things don’t go as you hoped and/or anticipated them to be afterwards, you can’t say nobody ever tried to warn you beforehand.

Keep in mind that pvp, pvps, other complications, etc, can manifest itself, themselves, etc from day one, to way down to line in your life. Many men are fine for months, years, etc, and end up having problems at some point. Theres simply no way to predict if, when, etc. Odd may seem to be in your favor, but…

If your already thinking about vasectomy reversal as an option should you have a change of thought process after the fact, keep in mind that patency, long term patency, etc, isn’t a guarantee, is more like a crap shoot, and a vasectomy reversal has a chance of making you worse in the long run. Vasectomy reversal certainly doesn’t mean just like before. You’ll never be quite the same.

And just FYI, urologists, doctors, etc are under no legal obligation to warn you about everything beforehand. On contrary to what what you might think, and/or believe, our modern systems simply don’t work that way.

I apologize for the long winded reply, yet I hope it helps you make an informed decision. This could very well be the last time I reply to a thread like yours as there’s already a pile of them on this site (considering vasectomy threads).

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.


+1 RingoStar
Before my Vasectomy i asked all of my work colleagues and friends about the procedure and what the problems were after … They all said results were as before their vas…
Once my procedure was done and I complained to them that things were wrong it was only then that they told me the truth .They all would not have it done in retrospect as it felt different .Soreness and weaker orgasms are the norm.
I was regarded as a great ,thoughtful person by my partners friends and family for having it done …After, they couldn’t give a crap about how it messed me up…
It is your body and if you do have it done then don’t blame anyone else except yourself.


I recently went and visited a buddy of mine that I haven’t seen in about 4-5 years. Last time I seen him he said he was thinking about getting a vasectomy. I was like woa, what do you know about it, and told him what happened to me, what I’d learned since, etc.

Interestingly enough, vasectomy was one of the first things he brought up when I seen him recently. He asked me how I was doing, and told me he tells everyone he meets at his business about my story, what I clued him in on, etc, providing they bring it up.

Anyway, my buddy never had the vasectomy 4-5 years ago, obviously what I told him made him reconsider. He’s always been one of those guys who’s sex life with younger women is a priority in his life. He’s still single, has no children, he’s in very good shape, works out, and he’s nearly 50 +.

He recently tells me he has a buddy that’s nearly the same age that had a vasectomy not to far back, perhaps several years ago. He said that guy can’t even hit the guy with him anymore without the assistance of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). I was like, that’s not surprising.

Sure, vasectomy might not have that effect on every man, but it certainly does have that effect on some men at minimum.


I’m going to use this statement as a counter for not getting a vesectomy. On my way in to work this morning I was wondering why people are willing to accept risks even though the odds dictate otherwise. Why do drunk people risk driving home? Why do base jumpers continue to find tall things to jump off of? There are probably many reasons, but after a quick Google search, the term “Optimism Bias” seems like a pretty good explanation. The high level summary is people think they can beat the odds.

An interesting thing I saw was this bias tends to mellow out during stressful situations. I’m not sure what actions you were taking to avoid a pregnancy, but I’m assuming at one point you felt those actions were adequate. The only thing that shook your confidence was a stressful situation. Now you seem to be at the same point with a vasectomy. If the odds are low enough it’s worth the risk and you’re confident you’ll be on the positive end of the outcome. I wish there was a device that would allow people to live with the negatives of an action for a day or week. If you knew that you’d no longer be able to live a normal life, sleep as well as you do now, enjoy sex, enjoy your hobbies, you might only go through with the procedure if the odds were substantially lower than they are. I’d strongly consider you think about what your new life could be and consider all temporary/easily reversible options before considering a vasectomy.


If you play the odds ,remember the house always wins .Time to make your decision Vas or no vas … !!! There are people on here giving and receiving help for which i for one am grateful .atb Rob.


Here’s an article that states the rate of post-vasectomy pain is 6-30%. The authors cite their sources. It’s on page 2 of the article.


Be happy you’re healthy, don’t do this. Look into ultra thin nano tech like condoms.


The first footnote to this guideline issued by the Canadian Urological Association (CUA), their version of the AUA, notes the risk of chronic pain at 1-14 percent.

I think the AUA guidelines say it’s 1-2 percent. The difference isn’t the statistic, it’s how they define chronic pain. The AUA requires chronic pain to be severe enought to “impact daily activities”. Basically , it changes your life. The CUA does not add that qualifier and considers all instances of chronic pain, mild to severe. Hence you get a much higher percentage.

I fell into the mild to moderate chronic pain Group and wouldn’t be included in the stats that the AUA says urologists need to share. I didn’t miss work because of pain and never had to stay in bed all day or get assistance with my daily obligations. I was sore and uncomfortable but able to get by.

My question to you - is any sort of chronic pain an acceptable risk? On top of that is the chance that it happens in one of 7 cases acceptable? It sounds like a conspiracy theory but there’s a reason the AUA quotes the lower, less scary statistic and then CUA provides the higher, broader stat. Different health care systems and incentives.

I got pressured big time under the same issues you’re dealing with. I had a reversal 2 years ago and it has helped tremendously but things still aren’t perfect, plus it cost me about $10,000. I wish I would have followed my guts and instincts and just said no and dealt with a grumpy wife and the fall out. It’s your body and your decision. I will add, although it’s not to say your wife should, my wife at a tubal ligation a few months after my reversal. She was home the same day and had about the same 2/3 day down time I had for the vasectomy. She’s had no issues since. Now that our issues are few years behind us she agrees she should never have pressured me as much as she did and blames a lot of her position on the thinking that “it’s what good husbands do”.

Finally, I know other guys that have had the procedure and have no complaints and know a few that have had some issues, although I’m the only one to have it reversed. The common thread among those without complaints is that each guy there did it because he wanted it and not because he was pressured. Good luck with whatever you choose.


I had chronic pain that just didn’t go away. After 2 months I revisited my doctor and complained about it thinking I’d be one of the botched jobs he never warmed me about. He told me that while what I was experiencing was not “usual,” he told me it happens and I should 1. wear only super supportive underwear (I got synthetics that clings my junk to my waste really well so there’s no sag at all), and go out and get Prosta Q from this reputable place he recommended. (I won’t advertise for them in public, but I will respond to anyone who emails me). He strongly recommended this particular place b/c he said supplements aren’t regulated and he knew for sure they provided a pure product. I wasn’t hopeful, quite frankly, as who would be - sounded like a complete and total Hail Mary and long shot in the dark to me. Fast forward a little more than two months later I have to say I’m not ALL THE WAY there yet, but just about at the end of my “treatment.” I barely have any noticeable pain or discomfort. I have stuck the the regimen like crazy, though. Who knows, maybe just coincidence. But, I will tell you I went from @*&%%$@&!! to almost free from even thinking about it ever. Can’t hurt to do research on this or ask your own doc.


@orange, your story is pretty crazy. Who imagines stories like yours beforehand? I’d guess stories like yours aren’t that uncommon in the big picture tho. You get pressured into a procedure your gut tells you to run from, end up with complications (pvps), have a reversal, and your wife ends up having her tubes tied after the fact. That’s pretty staggering.

My wife started experiencing premenopausal symptoms within 3-4~ years of my vasectomy. She’s been full out menopause for the last several years, and only 47. Like you, I was manipulated into the vasectomy for basically absolutely nothing. All it did was cause a slew of problems.

You and I have many things in common far as our stories go, and we seem to share the same, or similar views regarding how, or why nationally recognized statistics vary widely country to country.


Dude, even if it’s “only” a 1% chance, it is absolutely not worth the risk of life-changing, chronic, debilitating pain. I’m 10 months past mine, I’m thankful I’ve recovered to 80% activity as before vasectomy. I still can’t run or jump, but I can at least, for the most part, sit/walk/drive without pain. The first few months the pain was so bad, that I’m thankful I had a desk job and worked from home 2-3 days a week. If I had a job that required any activity (waiter, construction, warehouse, first responder, etc) I guarantee I would be out of work and the financial well being of my family would be jeopardized because of a stupid elective surgery. Thank your lucky stars you found this site and just commit to putting on a rain coat before you get frisky.