Trending better - My supplement regiment


Hi all, I really don’t want to jinx this but I’ve been trending better over the past month and felt only right to post what MAY be helping (since I got most of these ideas from this site anyways).

Quick back story - had vas in March 2018. Felt congestion pain for about 6 weeks after but got better. I was close to 100% for 4 months and then got whacked by my son. It seemed to lead to some real complications. Started with what felt like a pinched nerve. Then the congestion pain and burning nerve pain was back. I’ve had this for over 3 months now but as mentioned I’ve been trending better. I have no idea if it’s just time, rest or my supplements that have been working but want to post my regiment in case they are contributing to my improvement and it may help someone else. I should say I think I’ve got a ton of inflammation which has irritated the surrounding nerves. I was in pain all day everyday but now only get some after sitting in a hard chair or sometimes post ejaculation still. So I am in no way perfect but I’m still miles better than I was even a few weeks ago.

Should say my work has been amazing and have allowed me to work from home. So I had gone about 6 weeks of doing next to nothing but working from my couch. My lovely wife has picked up the slack with housework and kid obligations. The last couple of weeks I have done some more around the house, got out to watch my kids play hockey and even put in a couple part work days from the office.

As for supplements, this is what I take religiously:

First wake up - 2 x 120,000 su Serrapeptase capsules
2 x 150mg r-lipoic acid
Couple drops of cbd oil under my tounge

With lunch - 4 x 1000 iu vit D3
1 x B100 complex
1 x 99mg potassium citrate
2 x turmeric capsules with pepper water
Half teaspoon papaya seed powder

Afternoon on empty stomach - 2 x 120,000 su Serrapeptase
2 x 150mg r-lipoic acid (this doesn’t have to be on empty stomach)
2 drops cbd oil under tounge

With dinner - 4 x 1000 iu vit D3
2 x 100mg vit B1
2 x 5000 Mcs Vit B12
1 x 99mg potassium citrate
Sometimes a magnesium capsule
2 x turmeric capsules with pepper water
Half teaspoon of papaya seed powder
2 x fish oil capsules

Before bed - couple drops of oil of oregano extract
I was also taking a Percocet to help pain and sleep but it has gotten better enough that I have replaced that with one or two cannibis pills. The ratio I use is 2.5 thc and 3.75 cbd.

I know it’s a lot. But these are all natural vitamins or supplements which fight inflammation. The side effects are (I hope) significantly less severe than popping nsaids like I had been.

Again, it could just be time that’s helping most but I really feel like these supplements are fighting the inflammation.

I also wanted to say I’m wearing an actual jock with cup around the house as precaution. Not overly comfortable but much more so than getting whacked again. I’m hoping with more time my congestion pain post ejaculation gets better and better.

Last thing. If you’re in constant everyday pain right now it very well may improve. I know how dark it seems going through it but just because you have this now does not mean it will be constant forever. Also, when I started feeling better I didn’t even want to come on this site as I’ve been posting on here during my darkest hour. So it makes sense there are probably many that do get better and then just stop posting here. But what an amazing resource this webpage is. Thanks to everyone that contributes. Hopefully I, and you, can improve. Will keep everyone updated on my progress or (knock on wood it hopefully doesn’t happen) any setbacks.


I should also mention my prescription meds.

I’m taking 75 mg Zoloft for the anxiety this has caused. I’m also taking 25 mg lyrica. But after some research that is an insanely low dose.


Glad to hear your trending better @Help. Hopefully things will resolve in time.