Tight Scrotum mainly in morning/before bowel movements


Hi can anyone who has had any type of cord block injections let me know if it stops the inflammation/scrotal tightness as well as the pain? I have pain in my epididymis every morning with a high riding uncomfortable testicle which is usually resolved with a bowel movement. Usually by around 3pm my testicle relaxes a bit and I some days I feel almost pain free. Does anyone else have this issue? (I’ve not had a vasectomy by the way, just diagnosed with chronic epididymitis). Do the injections only deal with pain or do they enable to scrotum to relax at all? I believe my condition would be far more comfortable if my damn scrotum wouldnt tighten up so much enabling the cords to relax a bit. I’m sick of urologists telling me to wear supportive underpants when if anything I feel like I need to hang a dumbell from my nutsack not support it up with underwear!