There is no one path for every man with pvp/pvps/etc


I’ve created very few of my own threads on this site, I think this is my 4th, and I thought I’d create this one in an attempt to address some misconceptions, and/or headaches, especially when it comes to my thoughts, input, or opinion on this site.

There seem to be some misconceptions, or misunderstandings regarding what people should do, how long should they wait to do something, etc, no matter what that might be.

There are those that make accusatory accusations that some of us are making up medical factoids, trying to scare people, think we have all the answers, think our answers are better than others, think people should avoid this site and run as fast as they can back to their doctor, and/or uro, etc. I’ve actually been accused of this kind of stuff several times on this site, and I really don’t understand why because I have never told anyone they should have any procedure ASAP, nor have I ever framed my suggestions up like my input was the only answer, or the only way to go.

I’ve seen guys that wanted to have an orchiectomy right out the gates that I advised against, and advised time was their best answer, or hope. I’ve seen so many guys post that they were in a really bad spot, unsure what to do, and I empathized with them guys, gave them my thoughts, and left the ball in their court.

My purpose on this forum: I have several purposes for sticking around this place. I try to help others sort through stuff they find overwhelming. I try and give moral support to others that are having a tough go of things. I try to share my knowledge with others that I’ve learned many ways over time, and some of it was learned the hard way. I try to create balance to discussions when there doesn’t seem to be any. I enter discussions when people present personal opinions and ideas as fact. I try to warn people of risks when they didn’t seem to get any warning at all. I also have a desire to learn more about this subject in general.

There is no one path for every man. Some men want to get a reversal, some don’t. Some want to remain sterile at all costs, some don’t. Some want to try things that many others wouldn’t want to try, or would never try. Some men want to give things a year, some men want to wait many years. Some this, some that, and some the other, and I don’t have a problem with that. To each his own has been a very popular saying since I started reading and participating in pvps forums in 2010, and it always will be. I certainly agree with that saying.

I generally don’t recommend what people should do beyond conservative options. I will talk with people, try to be of some help with Q-n-A, etc. I will generally go far out of my way to help another out, but when it comes down to encouraging anyone to do anything beyond conservative treatments, that’s where I draw the line. Unfortunately I have been a part of that kind of stuff in the far distant past, and when things don’t go as anticipated for both parties, people get hurt, people get mad, and what can I do about it other than empathize with them, and never be a part of that kind of situation ever again.

Anyway, the next time someone accuses me of anything I have addressed in this topic, I will send them a link to this thread rather than play into their games, and/or ego’s with a bunch of back and fourth.

Wishing everyone the best.