Thanks for the warnings everyone


I have to say I agree with you when you bring up PVPS and urologists. When I was trying to find a urologist in our area, I contacted one to see if my husband needed a referral. He (or possibly an admin staff) responded quite quickly to my email. When I then asked specifically if he dealt with PVPS, I never heard from him again. I now realize he just didn’t want to deal with my hubby.


@raising4girls, I don’t care if people call me a conspericy theorist, I do tend to believe that what you are saying is way way closer to the truth, than not.

I also believe what you are getting at is why nobody’s country’s urological association makes urologists site anyone’s guidelines, nor give full disclosure warnings beforehand. I think things are all screwed up intentionally.

You never see anything regarding pvps, painful complications, corrective procedures, sexual side effects, etc, etc on TV ever, but you do see pro vasectomy propaganda on TV during ball games, etc, etc.

The next post after yours brings world vasectomy day into this conversation as well, and I totally think they are one of many NGO’s spreading the vasectomy safe gospel for the sole purpose of global population control. They use our own minds against us, they manipulate men, their wife’s, people in general, entire society’s, entire countries, etc.

Do a Google search on what the average salary of a urologist is. Last I checked, they are #2 on the list of top paid medical practitioners right below cardiologists. I don’t think this is just a coincidence.

Remember what I said about my smart phone in another thread. IMO, it’s definitely not a coincidence that when I type the word vasectomy into my phone that one of the three words above my keyboard just so happens to be “safe” (vasectomy safe). It’s the middle word to, meaning it’s most likely to be your next word as it helps try to make finishing sentences easier, as it always has, which is scary if you think about it. I’ve certainly never typed the words “vasectomy safe” into my phone.

IMO, all of this stuff and then some is related to the cabal you speak of.


In regard to what I said above, I thought I’d mention that I don’t think urologists as individuals set out every day to be a part of some conspiring cult of craziness that get paid very well to do something very unethical.

Personally, I think the vast majority of them are just pawns in a much bigger game, and money is generally at the the root of all that’s evil.