Thanks for the warnings everyone


It is actually public knowledge, but don’t expect to be told about it at your vasectomy consultation.

If you were to search the internet with search terms like “vasectomy castration”, I doubt you’d come up with a whole lot. If you use the terms “vasectomy orchiectomy”, you will come up with a ton if hits.

You are correct by saying that orchiectomy, and castration are the same thing.

Far as the conspiracy theories go, the media, etc, etc, yea, we are all aware of this. I’d say pretty much all of us learned about this the hard way.

There are several threads on this site that get into this “conspiracy theory” stuff. While everyone doesn’t agree on who, what, when, or why, that’s no surprise, but the cover-up is very real.


Hear’s another link that’s been posted on here in the past. Don’t expect to see this mentioned by the AUA, the CUA, the NHS, or by any urologist that practices vasectomy.

The paperwork I posted above actually contradicts, or is misleading far as what this link has to say.


Here’s another link to a very “non bias” website that covers a ton of information regarding vasectomy, vasclip, risks, polls, studies, pvps, methodologies, and so on.

While I don’t see some stuff getting coverage at this site, it’s still a wealth of knowledge for men that are “on the fence” in regard to vasectomy.


Rather than edit my last post, I will be the first to point out that considering the last link I posted claims to be “Oldest and Most Complete Vasectomy Information Database”, it sure is missing a lot, and there are things that “seem to be” proclaimed as fact that many members on this forum would not agree with (including myself).

I don’t think it’s completely “unbiased” either, but a lot of the information isn’t as “bias”, and is far more complete “as a whole” than the information people may receive from members here, including me for that matter.

I am more less anti-vasectomy, and wouldn’t recommend one to anybody. I’ve went through more than just pain, and I am a pvps victim.

Ask someone that has nothing but positive to say about it, and I’m sure it’s a completely different experience talking with them.

Whatever the case, the risks are very real.


Just to add too the only lawsuits that are won are when someone loses a nut. And those are few and far between,


Actually a few months ago I posted a failed lawsuit from Canada where a guy had a reversal, orchi and was still in debilitating pain and lost the lawsuit.

He had severe leg pain as well and Dr. Allan Gordon (neurologist who specializes in pelvic pain) from Mt Sinai in Toronto testified that the vas couldn’t cause leg pain - even though TONS of us here (myself included) have that symptom…that’s a pretty despicable thing for him to say.


When I’m talking to guys who’ve had a vasectomy in the past but don’t have any “problems”, I always ask if they have nerve pain in either of their legs. Quite a few of them are shocked and think I’m some sort of psychic for knowing they have such pains. They always get really pissed when I tell them it is because of their vasectomy.


@slowrain You’d be amazed what guys are surprised by. My big moth always asks questions like “do you have prostate issues” or “has your orgasm changed.” I’d say a good 50% say yes but never made the correlation.

There was an article published a few years ago that was written by an MD running a hormone clinic. He commented that a vast majority of patients seen in his clinic for low T had a history of vasectomy.

Interesting how urology research says one thing, then real life says another. You’ve got to look at who has a bigger motivation to lie.


I suspect vasectomies have continued solely because men can’t seem to make these correlations.


I suffer from low T as well. Fortunately, no doctor has attempted to convince me that it’s unrelated.


Yes, they suck that way. They have been trained/conditioned to think that way too. A lot of it is driven by insurance companies not wanting to pay for HRT for men. That was probably an Obamacare thing. If we give healthcare to everyone, how much will it save us a year if we lower the baseline for HRT as a covered condition/make it harder for men to get scripts for HRT. I’m also convinced societal pressures that are trending are like men/testosterone = bad for society. We want our quiet miserable enuchs that go to work pay taxes and we can control, lol.

The other sad thing is the bar for low testosterone has gone down recently. Last summer my levels would be about 10 points above hypogonadism. The CDC lowered the number based on resampling male populations to include overweight guys/less healthy guys. So of course the numbers went down so now it’s harder to actually get reimbursed unless you are basically female hormonally. The number dropped form like 355 to 280? It would probably be easier to get a script for a woman saying she identified as a man now than a man 1 point above clinically low.

What is low anyway?

How can a guy that is 2 points lower than another guy be considered low while his 2 point higher friend normal? The whole thing is stupid. We have prediabetes which is a range that is not diabetes but getting there. Why not treat pre-hypogonadism? Again it’s all driven by insurance and the cost of public health. Whereas it pays to start getting people to think about their blood sugar earlier, no one cares about youngish men with the T levels of 80 years olds.


HRT for men, or TRT for that matter comes with it’s own set of risks as well. Is it as risky as vasectomy? I’m not thinking so, but I really don’t know enough to post the facts. If I was to post some data here about it, I’m sure contradicting data could be found.

Finding true, unaltered, controlled, unbiased data is hard to come by these days. Seems everyone has their own agenda in healthcare. A lot of studies are corrupted, or the books have been seemingly cooked in one way or another.

I had a top tier pvps doc tell me that TRT, HRT, etc comes with its own set of risks, and testicular atrophy was one if them. Testicular atrophy as in permanent damage to your testicals, and they may never work the same after usage/treatment.

Obviously there are other, or at least one other top tier pvps doc that is regularly mentioned on this site that recommends TRT/HRT to just about any man with pvps. Opinion’s certainly vary from one top tier pvps doc, to another.

I would like to think that most of us have heard of testimonials from body builders that abused these products for years on end, and the damage it did to their testicals. From permanent shrinkage, to hormonal, the risks are very real.

On a side note, I would guess that several of you noticed that the last link (study) I posted above was co-written by the founder of the Yahoo pvps group. For those of you that don’t know anything about that, it was the “vasectomy pain” forum that existed prior to this one.


Thats really awful…


Yep, I’m one that had to resort to castration. While it removed the plain and I’m moving on with life pvps, three “corrective” procedures, countless shots and injections, and two years of my life taken from me, this operation is as barbaric as any form of genital mutilation that’s ever existed. Our society does a good job though of cleaning the idea up with blatant lies, misinformation, guilt propaganda, etc. having unlimited sex without the concern of impregnating sounds great! Uh, actually should of obeyed the first lessons I learned in life- if something sounds to good to be true… Just wear condomns.


Well said @Thissucks.


The link I posted above is actually hard to find at that website. The study is titled “Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome: common, but hidden”, and it’s quite hidden on that website as well. I can find the page with Google search terms, but can’t find it on their site via navigation.

Its pretty interesting that website does cover a lot of the risks, even if they are hidden. I find it to be pretty glossy because many of the references sited are best case scenario studies (all over the site).

Many of the risks associated with vasectomy are clearly outlined on that website, yet I see many guys chiming in elsewhere on that site, and they are ecstatic to get their vasectomy’s. Perhaps they didn’t read the entire site, idk. I hope they were ok, and didn’t have any regrets afterward.

I just left a comment in the risks section of that website. Its awaiting moderation, and could very well get deleted. Here’s what I posted.

"This risks section has a lot of best case scenarios in it, and could certainly use an update.

The studies referenced in the pvp and pvps section give the highest odds of success defeating it. They actually contradict other published studies that are on this same site. Considering this site claims to be the oldest and most complete vasectomy information database, its missing so much, and it comes off as very glossy because of that.

Many men require removal of sperm granuloma, redo vasectomy, vasectomy reversal, epididymectomy, denervation, orchiectomy, and so fourth in an attempt to relieve the pain, which isn’t always successful.

To be honest, I see best case scenario all over this site, and it doesn’t do a great job giving men a proper warning before they make a supposed informed decision to have an elective procedure that carries such risks".


Have you ever heard about Post Abortion Syndrome?

Or how about chronic pain with an IUD?

All these so called “safe” reproductive procedures are bad, and come with serious risks which are not disclosed by the medical industry, nor are reported on by the news media.


Sure have. My wife has been providing post-abortion counseling to women for over 10 years. Few physical problems, but major mental health issues that often manifest 10-20 years later. Most of the women she counsels had their abortions in their teens or 20s, hold and compartmentalize the stress for a decade or two, and seek counseling in their 40s. Her group has plenty of “customers” with minimal advertising.


The average urologist was charging around $1,000 for a vasectomy when I had mine in 2005. Mine told me he did 5-6 every Friday. Do the math. They’re hauling in $20-25k per month just working on Fridays. And, remember, they aren’t the guys shaving your balls, just making the “simple” cuts. So, vasectomy is the golden goose for trained urologists.

Now add in that vasectomy fulfills the objectives of the very vocal population-control activists and the feminist movement who believes it’s a man’s duty, and we have a cabal of three powerful groups silencing the truth.


See, that’s where the whole World vasectomy Day BS comes in. And the f’er even says it’s about that! Yes, he says men “need to step up” and all, but it’s really about population control.

In the end, 90% of Uros don’t care it there is a problem. I’ve scene 26 different doctors over my issues. And of them, only 1 uro came out and said, yes, PVPS is real. The other, Dr Sabenegh, he never said it’s real. But did say that other men have come to see him for it. And he wants to help people. But 1 out of 26 is pretty sad. The Uro he performed the first reversal, he won’t even work on men for PVPS. They will hang up on you if you try to ask about it. He will only perform a reversal if it’s for having more kids.

This is pretty f’ed up.