Testosterone results back


I received my testosterone results back
Testosterone: 201 units ng/DL
Free Testosterone: 44.49 (Anb:H) units pg/mL

I’m 38years old, had my vasectomy done 2 years ago. What doe these results mean? are these normal?


What did you provider say?

Based on what I know you are fairly clear cut clinical low T.

If I could offer one word of advice for all men getting a vasectomy it would be to get their T levels checked first. I would also throw in a semen analysis in case they want a baseline to compare against if they ever reverse the vasectomy. I was lucky enough to have a couple SAs from prior so I could know for sure my reversal worked.


Hi Mike, thanks for the response. My provider wanted to do a few testosterone injections to boost my levels, but we did not talk about TRT. I’m planning to do another test in a couple of months to check again levels again.


Your testosterone levels are close to that of an 80 year old man. Your provider is clueless. You can not do a few injections to boost levels. TRT would be a life long treatment and will get you into normal ranges. It shuts down your current production and replaces it. It comes with side effects though and can take a while to get the proper dosing and protocol in place, but can be a life saver.


Yeah, ironic that on my last results, it lists the “normal” range as something like 200 - 910. That’s as good as the weatherman who says it might be sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, or rainy. Covers virtually all bases and defines virtually all men as normal.

@MikeO is right. It should be a requirement to have T checked before vasectomy but that requirement alone would force urologists to admit the truth they’ve been covering up, that vasectomy CAN impact T-levels. How can mine go from 285-325 pre-reversal to 405 two years post-reversal and now 764 at 12 years post-reversal? I haven’t gotten younger.


I am hoping for similar results. Did you do anything specific to boost your levels?


I haven’t done a thing to boost my T. Same amount of exercise. I’ve probably dropped 5, maybe 10, pounds net since then, not much. No juicing for sure. I’ve made some modest dietary changes since 2015 trying to cut out refined carbs and eat more protein. I suppose that could be helping, but by no means am I on weightlifter diet or anything like that…just changed diet to 50% carbs, 50% fat and protein.


Wow that’s amazing. I am glad things got better for you.


Yeah, thanks, now I’ve just got to get rid of the hornet inside my scrotum stinging my vas/cord/nerves above the testicle.


I haven’t read through your entire story. Is low-T your only symptom, or are you experiencing pain, too?


Low T mainly. Luckily I did not experience major PVPS. My T levels plummeted a month after my vas and I went on TRT, which hasnt been as successful as I had hoped. I then had a reversal which relieved some of the pressure and discomfort in my scrotum. I am still healing from the reversal and am looking to come off TRT and hopefully get back to normal levels.


I bet you will be fine. Mine took a decade to get back to original leven but has been a steady climb. Hard to believe it can crash so badly. I was vasectomized for jus 15 months…so much damage in such a short period.


Hi @delmiro Just like you am a 38 yr/old who just had my tesosterone levels checked and am only 5 months post VAS, and am not much better than you. I wish i knew what my T levels were before VAS but i suspect is a contributing factor to my overall mood(depression), pain (all on left side of body including left VAS) and just feeling like a shell of my former self pre vas. My Dr, says its normal but again normal for the range but considering age yes i am over weight for my height and age but not obese. So why is it i have testosterone of any 80 yr old…
Testosterone: 248 units ng/dl
Free: 69.19 pg/ml


I wonder if the cut nerves in the spermatic cord are to blame for reduced testosterone in some men post vas.

Some glands are stimulated to release hormone by nerve impulses. To me it makes sense that the testes would be in that category. There is apparently a lot of variation in how much testosterone is produced in response to various environmental factors, and that could all be mediated via the nervous system.

Anyone have any thoughts about this? My doctor dismissed my concerns, saying that the testes receive adequate blood flow and that therefore hormones would not be impacted. I found this almost insulting. This answer struck me as him trying to pass off something totally inadequate to demonstrate that hormones are not impacted by the procedure. Either he is stupid, or he assumes that I am stupid.

Pain can lower your testosterone. Stress can lower your testosterone. Acting aggressive can raise your testosterone. As far as I know, none of these alter testosterone by cutting off or restoring blood flow to the testes.

So maybe this is part of what is happening. For some of us, vasectomy interrupts nerves that were responsible for stimulating the testes to produce testosterone. Or maybe the immune reaction some of us encounter alters the scrotal environment in such a way as to suppress testosterone production.


From what I have been reading, testosterone is closely tied to sperm production, in a way, supply/demand. If there is a lot of sperm without anywhere to go, testosterone levels will drop.


Paul, I agree with your theory, and that’s the #1 or #2 reason why I don’t believe my current bput of pain is due to closure of my reversal. My T-levels have been high and steady for a guy my age, 53. Shot 650+ last year and 760+ this year.

We never get precise answers, but for me, the preponderance of evidence points to nerve pain and not congestive pain.


These are some great numbers @raising4girls, my last one was 280 mark and am not even 40. I will get them done again in 2 weeks time together with my SA.

I have suffered a set back today, accidentally touched vas where the reconnection was made and have got a horrible stabbing pains all the way up the spermatic cord, so sympathise with you. I am really concerned and am hoping these are just healing pains as am not even 5 weeks out of reversal.


Hope you’re OK. Reversal definitely has its ups and downs.


Testosterone which is produced in the testicles is definitely affected after a vasectomy. I have read few stories and articles confirming this. Doctors don’t know (there are lot of things doctors don’t know), and this has not been studied. They probably don’t care to study it either, they prefer to treat the problem instead of preventing it. There is no money behind the prevention of disease, that’s universal. Testosterone is the life blood of men, if it’s not balanced, you get all kinds of things out of wack… physically, mentally, and more. Your testosterone level maybe 600 and you could feel great (sweet spot) whereas body’s sweet spot could be 800 or 900. Everyone is different. Testosterone replacement therapy is supposed to help with PVPS (case studied) and also improving low T symptoms. It is a big deal choosing the type of protocol with TRT (frequency, dosage, life style, nutrition, etc…) so it has to be done with the guidance of a doctor that knows hormones and not just anyone. TRT is life long thing, just like diabetics … use insulin to control sugar levels for life. People with low T, can use TRT to manage it the same way.


My testosterone plummeted after vasectomy. In hindsight I don’t see how it could not have an effect.