Testicular Atrophy from papaya?


Hi! Just a quick question really, has anyone that has used papaya to control congestion noticed any signs of testicular astophy? Has anyone discussed papaya with a urologist and did they give a view?

Cheers guys!


@Stevec87, I’ve never seen, or heard of any such data that would support your concerns, but that certainly doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist, and/or couldn’t happen. IDK.

Theres so much we don’t know about papaya seed powder therapy, and I’ve certainly pointed that out in numerous relevant threads. Up to this point, I haven’t heard anything negative about it far as severe side effects, but that certainly doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

Someone did suggest that it could cause high triglycerides, but I’ve seen at least one man post he had high triglycerides within a year or so post vas that never tried papaya seed powder.

Great question tho.


Thanks for the reply.

My thoughts behind it are that if the nuts are comprised of two types of cell ( leydig and germ) and in the monkey and rat experiments it was noted that the animals had germ cell atrophy whether prolonged usage may result in a generalised atrophy.

Have any other users taken papaya for a significant period of time and noticed any effects?


I’m not sure if it would or wouldn’t cause that, but from some articles I’ve read, it mentions men have used papaya seed as a contraceptive in other countries. It doesn’t mention that as a side effect, but who knows? From the few studies I’ve seen (on animals), once they stopped taking it, sperm production gradually returned over time.

“Both men and women on the Indian subcontinent and in parts of Southeast Asia have traditionally used the papaya fruit and its seeds as a form of herbal birth control.“


I’m curious about this as well. I would recommend buying an orchidometer so you can measure your testicles before you start taking papaya seeds, and continue to take measurements every so often: