Surprising Developments Last Two Weeks


I appreciate all the comments on my last thread and the private messages from many of you. I’ve got a lot going on at work at am seeing a number of different physicians but do have some interesting (to me, at least) news and new theory based on the news to offer:

  1. I no longer think blockage is a problem. @RingoStar suggested early on in my battle that I might be dealing with a failed reversal due to scarring, fibrosis, etc. His theory made a lot of sense, especially after shooting only a 10MM SA back in 2016.

I just my new SA results back from Tuesday and registered a count of 142MM, the highest I’ve ever recorded post-reversal (and I’m 13-1/2 years post-reversal!). I cannot imagine all 142 MM are coming from the no-pain right side so, for now, I’m going forward assuming I’m still patent on both sides. Now the really interesting part.

  1. My GP and I decided to try a few Hail Mary passes since I’d failed Pain Management and am now seriously looking at surgical options. I recently did 10 days of doxycycline and noticed a drop in epididymal pain. I talked with my GP and he suggested another two weeks of doxy which I completed this past Tuesday. I’d say my pain is down 50% especially the feeling of pinching/clamping on the left epi. Mainly now just cord pain and not as bad and not all the time. The pain level remains down as of today even though I finished the meds 3 days ago. I’m not where I want to be, but better than before.

I know that doxy has anti-inflammatory properties, but I’ve done a lot of celebrex and even a few prednisone packs during this 2-1/2 year bout of pain without much relief, so I’m starting to believe there may have been an infection all along.

Consider this theory and feel free to call me crazy.

I’ve been dealing with an infection all along. The 24 days of doxy in November cleared up much of the infection, enough to all for better flow of sperm which yielded a high sperm count on Tuesday.

Opinions welcome, but for now, I’m going to talk with my doc about extending the dose of doxy or perhaps even trying one of the ones we all know aren’t great (Cipro, Levaquin). I know the risks of Cipro and Levaquin, but they seem a lot safer than my other options of spermatic cord denervation or GF neurectomy.

  1. Forgot to mention I also had a scrotal US on Monday. What an experience. I’m 53, in decent shape, but my best days are behind me. Who comes out to get me but the hottest radiology tech I’ve ever seen. Probably 35, tight, athletic, cute, classic All-American type I really like. Think Carrie Underwood but brunette. Yes, that hot! As we’re walking back to the exam room, I’m trying to figure out how not to get a boner during the US. I made it through.

Not sure what to make of this, but the US revealed a 2MM cyst on the left (painful side) epi! My GP says it’s “probably” too small to be my pain source, but adding this to the news above has me a bit perplexed.


Your crazy, lol!!!

I have no idea what to say, but your new news is definitely news. Only time will tell I suppose.

Good luck!


I see you edited the last part of your initial post with additional new information regarding a cyst on your bad side. That’s new news as well.

I too have something very small that’s near, or a part of my left epi that inflames on occasion, and tends to get worse after I ejaculate. It’s definitely a pain source, and it’s on my bad side. It could be a cyst, perhaps a small bulging vein, perhaps a bulge in my epi, I have no idea. I’d have to get another ultrasound to possibly come up with something more concrete. Whatever it is, I didn’t have it pre vas, and it’s never shown up in my post vas, post reversal, post embolization, etc ultrasounds.

Your story has grown into something nearly as complicated as my own. You have so many possibilities regarding what’s the root cause of your issues.

In all honesty, I’d always figured your top notch docs, uro’s, etc that you’ve been working so diligently with over the last several years would’ve already ruled out all other possibilities with ultrasound, antibiotics, etc, but apparently not.

I mentioned in one of your other recent threads that I believe I may have some blockage on my bad left side. My SA count, used to be in the ball park~ of your last SA, and I used to seriously speculate that my numbers were all coming from my much better right side, and had good reasoning for my speculations.

Your definitely in a complicated situation far as determining what the root source of your pain/s is. Hopefully in time you will be able to start ruling things out one by one. I was never able to determine this in my case. Not down to the wire anyway.

Good luck man.


I think this is the problem with seeing a multitude of docs and also my own experience. I did have a US in 2016 shortly after this bout started, but it didn’t reveal anything. Now this US, 2-1/2 years later, reveals a small cyst. And, like I think you intimated, it could really be anything. It may be painful, or it may be pressing on or wrapped around a nerve.

The two uros I’ve seen, I think, tend to jump through their standard protocols without trying to diagnose. In their defense, I think they’ve thrown in the towel on diagnosing because they end up in the same place…“we don’t know.” Both admitted as much to me.

On the antibiotics, it was suggested to me on two occasions and I declined. I didn’t want to give them the “out” since that’s what uros always do. Must be an infection. Couldn’t possibly be that vasectomy is a bad idea. My own stubbornness and arrogance got in the way. Oh well.

In truth, I don’t think this is an infection, but I’ve raised the probability from 1% to 20%.

I’m focusing more on the cyst than on the temporary pain-relief from the doxy. Considering I had my first steroid/botox ablation on June 25th and another on October 11th, I’m as much inclined to believe it’s the botox kicking in as the doxy effect.

Who the hell knows. But, and I think you’ve opted for the same course, when the cause isn’t fully known, don’t just jump into surgery.

I’m getting a dynamic US on 12/31 to hopefully once and for all determine if I have a hernia. That is still out there. Upon manual exam, I’ve gotten 3 saying no and 1 saying yes. From a standard US, I have 1 saying no and 1 saying yes.

I’m getting a GF block at the same time.

No surgeries until I get a more certain diagnosis.


Yea, I totally understand, and/or agree. In my case, I’m totally on board with the idea that something that’s inflaming could be wrapped, pressing, etc around a nerve.

Yep, well said. That’s pretty much exactly what I did, and exactly why. Of course my conclusion was reached after I had 3 corrective surgery’s. I opted to have no more surgery indefinitely after my third corrective surgery went haywire. I had my third, and final corrective surgery back in December 2011.

This sounds like a wise idea to me. I’m in the same boat. You and I have to complicated of stories to be jumping into anything else without a better idea of why. I will leave it at that.

Good luck