Suffering since 2011


Good day to all. I have been suffering from pain in both testicles since 2011, after my vasectomy. After doctors trying all sorts of pain killers , it was off to have an epidictomy in 2013(spelling may be wrong) on the right side. 50/50 chance I was told by the urologist for it working… Hence my decision for one side only at the time. That didn’t work. Pain still present. So fast forward years of pain and suffering on both sides to 2017. The pain was sooo bad one night, I decided to be driven to the emergency dept. Stayed curled up there for an hour and a half then left as I could wait out my pain at home. Later in 2017 because the pains were believe it or not, staying longer and far more intense. After an ultrasound appt I was told that a lession was found on the left testicle and that I was to have another ultrasound in one month. Did that, results came back showing 2 more spots. So ya, you guessed it… The big C was becoming my reality. The cancer doc told me he would remove the testicle, cut it in half, and look for the lessions. He also said he would cut the nerve on the left side in attempt to conquer the pain on that side. He also explained that iwould have some numbness on the inside of my leg. I figured, ok, small price to pay to rid myself of %50 of my pains. I had also asked whether or not my testosterone would be affected… I was told that the right one would do the job of both.

So, operation day… Long story short, I woke up with one testicle, and yes the inside of my leg is numb… But so is all up and around my incision… That’s right, i said up and around. Not knowing the difference, I just assumed that it would have been removed via an incision in the sac… Nope, cut me just below the waist line, and yanked out the twin from there. Oh… And also, about halfway up on the left side of my penis is numb. Terrible feeling. So let’s jump ahead to the last part of my recovery. Weight gain, and hot flashes. And nasty hot flashes!! So yeah… Had my testosterone checked… It was just on the low end of the chart. So… Here we go, testosterone shots. Had 3 or 4 of those, then I went to meet with an endochrinologist . After a 2ml shot of t exactly one week prior of me sitting in his office, he tells me I need to stop my shots for 3.5 weeks so they could do their own bloodwork. So, had my bloodwork done Friday at 7:12am. Friday afternoon comes, and my specialist calls to tell me to go get a shot. Well, my family doc isn’t in on Fridays. Long story short, my pains were so bad, and I felt so freakin miserable from low t, I went to two walk-in clinics that were closed… Then to the emergency room. By this time the pains were only worse… And no relief at all. During the nurses triage, she monitored my blood pressure for a bit as my pulse was at 186!

I’m sorry for the long rant. But I just thought I would share my experience with everyone. And this long winded post is only the tip of the ice Berg.

The conclusion of this 37 year old’s vasectomy adventure has literally ruined my life. Worst decision BY FAR, that I’ve ever made. I was told that having this pain on one side, was 1/1000, I guess I’m just the lucky bastard who didn’t mess around and went 2 for 2.

I’m sure you’ve all heard this one… Oh, get a vasectomy, it’s simple and only takes 15 minutes. Uh huh… And 8 years of indescribable torture. And trust me, as im sure a lot of you know… Torture is the only word that comes close to acuratley describe this.


Dang. I’m sorry for your loss and I’m not just referring to your testicle.


Wow! Sorry to hear that, what a nightmare. This is the crap we get for doing something so unnatural, and suffering the consequences. Yes I got pressured by my wife to get the vasectomy, apparently I didn’t have the balls to say no.
A few years later she ended up having a hysterectomy from complications.


26 years and over it I suffered alone man I never knew that others had this problem, I thought I was the only one, and my dr if you can call him that, only ever said it is all in your hear here is some anti depressants and my wife also thinks it is in my head because I never wanted to be mutilated in the first place.