Sudden pain from abdominal exercise?


So, I have been pretty much pain free for a while now asides from the odd little zap sensation…

until…this week Monday !!

I do a lot of bodybuilding at the gym, pre and post vasectomy , and its never exacerbated my vas pains in the past, until I started doing an exercise called ‘stomach vacuums’ again on Monday evening.

For the uninitiated, you take a big inhale, then exhale as you suck your stomach in as hard as you can – I switch up my ab work outs and again so started these back up.

Only issue, on like my second or 3rd rep, as I tensed my abs I felt my groin stretch a bit and then from that point on, ON THE DOT, my right-side testicle started aching.

Since then I’ve been getting a slight throbbing / heavy sensation in that testicle…plus it seems my epydidmis has decided to engore slightly…

Has anyone experienced similar symptoms? – without a shadow of a doubt this was a direct case and effect


I’m in the army and do regular PT tests. I went from 60-70 sit-ups pre vasectomy to 8 sit-ups two months post vasectomy and ultimately failing the test. Both the GF and IL nerves snake through your core muscles including your hip flexors, transvers abs, abdominis rectus and a few others. It’s hard to guess at what’s going on with your situation. You could be tethered and sucking in causes traction on the cord, it could be scar tissue, could be just plain ol nerve damage. My abs hurt from my navel to my ribs and occasionally over to my flank, all on the right side where the damage is. Ironically, while doing my first set of sit-ups post vas my torso diverted to the left side. Not sure if it was a lack of strength or me guarding myself from the pain but it was very noticeable. Protect your lowback, without a core your back will eventually pay for it. I’m shopping a back surgeon as I type this. 33 years without an issue until the snip.