"Success" Story to start the year


Hey Guys,
I wanted to get on here and post to start the new year - I know this forum has helped me immensely on my journey with PVPS.
Had my vas August of 2015. Had terrible bruising… pain (nerve damage / scar tissue) on going in varying levels.
Had Reversal with Dr P - November of 2016. Removed a bunch of scar tissue and reversal was a success. Recovery was slow and pain was up and down but has slowly dropped to 1-2 and some days gone completely.
So January of 2018, my pain is very manageable and I am very thankful. I take 30 mil of cymbalta a day and a periodic tramadol (if i am sitting or driving for a long period of time my pain can spike for a few hours). The side effects of both, for me, have been minimal. I also visited a pelvic floor PT that taught me ways to relax my pelvic floor through breathing techniques and yoga stretches. This as been very helpful.
I wanted to write this to encourage guys that are in the middle of trying to figure out what to do with meds/surgeries/docs … i used to get on this forum and think it was never gonna get better and that is a hard place to be. If I can help any of you with specifics on my recovery or anything else - please reach out to me.
Happy New Year to you all.


Good to hear. Thanks for sharing.


Good to hear Jond. I don’t recall what type of V you had originally but if you are in a good place that’s all that matters.