Still here, considering reversal again


I’ll be curious to see how you do with Medrol. Dr. Marks talked to me about that too but I never ended up having anyone prescribe it to me.


Day 3 of the medrol. No reduction in symptoms that I can detect.

Wishing I hadn’t paid for the 60 days of meloxicam, as now I’m thinking I probably won’t even take it.

NSAIDs have pretty much been useless for me since the beginning. Not sure why I thought steroids would do anything.


@Tempe5 let us know how you go coming off this? Because myself steroids sent my body nuts going off this, hunger, no sleep for days, shakes, night sweats, aches all over my body. After few goes on steroids my hair even fell out. Might just be my body being fragile from everything.


I haven’t seen any effects at all. It felt like it was maybe making my face flushed the first two days, but today I feel completely normal.


Prednisone, medrol dose packs, etc do me very much like @Loz. I can’t sleep, shakes, jitters, the hungry feeling, the burning up hot feeling, makes me feel very wrong.

I’ve been on that stuff many times, and I would have to be in a life and death situation to get on it again.


Interesting. It’s fairly common for me to not see effects of various drugs/chemicals. I feel like I’m a non-responder to a number of drugs. Was handy in college!


Maybe for myself reason being is i did a lot of bad heavy drugs and partying for years as well as alchol abuse and cigarettes. This may have all caught up with me when taking prescription meds. When getting a scan recently they stumbled on damage to a kidney which i didnt know i had. The kidney thing has nothing to do with this crap i am goin through but.


Interesting. They probably wouldn’t have prescribed the steroids had they known about the kidney damage, I’d guess.


Finished the medrol pack today. No effect on pain that I noticed.

On the fence about whether I’ll take the meloxicam. If steroids didn’t do anything, you wouldn’t think the NSAIDs would either, especially since I’ve taken heroic amounts of Ibuprofen for long stretches over the last year.

Had blood taken yesterday. Getting a normal blood panel, in addition to testosterone tested. Took the blood first thing in the morning so the T test would be at it’s highest point theoretically. I wish I knew what my T levels were like before the vas, but I carry a lot of muscle, lift weights regularly, have a very high libido, and was always very fertile, so you’d think my levels were fine before.


Is Burrows the doc in Louisville?


Meloxicam and other nsaids can take a week or two of consistent use to get the anti-inflammatory process started.


Remove everything? What do you thing of connecting vas deferens only and not touching anything else (especially the epididymis?)


“Remove everything” is referring to removing anything foreign at the ends of the vas deferens before they make the repairs, ie- scarring, hemoclips (if used during your vasectomy), sperm granuloma/s, etc, etc.

I will about guarantee you that your repairs will be vas to vas. Not vas to epi, etc, etc.

If you are going to have your vasectomy reversed, go to someone that has the bar set as high as ICVR.

IMO, it will be hard to find someone that can compete with the level of service one gets at ICVR. I’ve already mentioned what makes them a superior choice, and unique in this thread.

And lastly, in your case, I think you should just get on with it instead of banging your head on this reversal stuff a whole lot longer.

Its got to be your call, and your choice. I can’t imagine you banging your head, posting about this, and contemplating a reversal a whole lot longer. If something was bothering me that bad, I’d get on with it, and stop wasting my/your time, life, and thoughts on it.

I feel the majority of everything to be considered has already been mentioned in this thread (risks, facts, etc, etc).


Blood work was normal across the board.

Testosterone, Free - 88.7
Testosterone, Total, LC/MS/MS - 547

I ended up starting the 30 day meloxicam prescription. Told my wife that this is it for me. I’m giving it 30 more days and then I’m scheduling the reversal (likely for early November when my schedule allows). Terrified that it won’t work.


Those are not bad numbers.