Still here, considering reversal again


Great to hear you posting your reversal surgeons findings @Loz. It’s hard to believe some think converting to open ended is as good idea, or comparable to a reversal.

All this positive stuff is great, but it seems it was about 4~ years ago Dr Marks told me his instincts told him I would get better to. That was right after my second reversal failed.

Others have chimed in here regarding how their pain levels are different at times, or in certain situations. I can relate to some of that myself. Best to not dwell on your condition, nor your pains. Avoid stress, and try to get as far away from reading about pvps, vasectomy, thinking about any of it, etc, etc. Even I tend to do a bit worse by participating in this forum.


@Tempe5 sounds exactly like my conversation with him. almost word for word.


I’m going to point out something that perhaps some of you are missing.

I certainly wouldn’t recommend any surgeon because of their great charisma, positive conversational abilities, positive pep talks, etc, etc.

I recommend ICVR because of their methodology, their one reversal a day policy, their many years of experience that can be proven, the fact they specialize in reversal only, have done countless reversals for pain, their solid aftercare, etc, etc, etc.

At the end of the day, great charisma, pep talks, etc, etc isn’t going to amount to much.

I too would recommend anyone looking into reversal go with their gut, and not get wrapped up in the bs.


for those who have had a reversal, if you have scar tissue or granulomas, etc, will the surgeon usually take care of that when they do the reversal as well?


Some do, some don’t. Some do full clean ups, some do not. Some leave the hemoclips intact in the scaring, some do not. Some do tricks during their reversals, some do not. Its always best to be absolutely clear about this part with your surgeon before you consider using them for a reversal. You don’t want to learn about it afterwards.

Far as ICVR goes, they remove everything (full clean up).


@RingoStar thanks, I guess that is what i was looking for about ICVR :slight_smile:

My guess (hope?) is that I am leaking from both sides and have at least one sperm granuloma as well as some congestion, etc. If its nerve pain, I dont really know how to tell, and don’t know if reversal will help. I’m like 90% sure i’m going to schedule something this week though.


Another thing to be clear about is, the type of sedation they will use?

Will you be awake (local anisthetic only). Will you be knocked out? If so, what type of sedation?

I’ve been knocked out two different ways. You have your typical hospital/surgical type sedation, and you have what’s referred to twilight sedation.

I prefer the twilight, you come out of it way quicker. They can literally wake you, and ask you a question during the procedure if necessary. I recovered so much faster from twilight. I ended up with serious constipation, amongst other side effects from your typical hospital/surgical anisthetic.

I’m not trying to sell anything to anyone, but ICVR uses twilight sedation.


If you are leaking, even just a bit, it can be enough to cause serious pains that you won’t be able to discern from purely neuropathic pain.

My bilateral sperm granulomas were small, and caused me an unbelievable amount of pain.


if I had to make a guess, that is what i would guess based on the fact that it took 3 months for me to have any kind of pain. The pain has also gradually increased over the last 4 months. Also at least 1 doc has told me there is a granuloma on the right side. The slow appearance of pain on the left side also seems to indicate gradual leakage.

Hopefully reversal can help with those issues?


Yes, it can absolutely help.

There is no guarantee reversal will solve your issues, but given what I’ve seen, it has a good chance to help you out.


I have a similar experience ringo has had. I had bilateral granulomas develop shortly after vasectomy. Those granulomas had me in 10/10 pain. I wanted a reversal but reversal doc for my insurance provider wouldnt do it for a year. I couldnt wait that long so i got a vas redo to remove granulomas. It was free through my insurance and i didnt have to wait. 100% of my granuloma pain was gone the second after surgery so there is hope that if your pain is granuloma/scar tissue pain it will be resolved with reversal if doc cleans it up before connecting. Unfortunately for me because i was stupid and got a vas redo i developed new issues. If i had a reversal right away instead of vas redo i would prob be pain free right now. I know doc Marks doesnt believe you need to make a person wait for a reversal if pain is as debilitating as mine was. I wish i knew about doc Marks those early months post vas.


A urologist I saw last week stated they could do a surgical procedure to remove the granuloma. Not sure why it wouldn’t just happen again though, which is why reversal appeals to me I guess. This is of course speculation but hey i’m trying to give myself positive things to think about.


Yes you are in a great place (all things considering) moving straight to reversal as your first surgical option. Hopefully my post didn’t come across as negative. I meant for it to be positive. I think you have very good odds reversal will eliminate your pain especially if the doc cleans you up before he reconnects.


I wish I had knew about him myself. If I had known everything I am telling you all now, I definitely would’ve choose ICVR, and reversed even earlier.

My vas urologist told me I didn’t have pvps, or anything of the sort. At one of my follow up appointments I told him what I was reading online regarding pvp/s (which I’d never heard of before), he did a physical examination of my boys and said, “this isn’t what it would look like if you had pvps”. I fired him for that, and for being so dishonest with me regarding my verbal vasectomy consultation, and paperwork.

I moved onto another high end specialist, and he had me convinced I was suffering from neuropathic pain from the vasectomy, and it would calm down in time.

When I had my first reversal, bilateral granulomas were noted in my post op findings paperwork. I knew they were there, but my reversal surgeon didn’t seem concerned prior to the surgery, nor afterwards.

When I consulted with Dr Marks about redoing my reversal (reversal redo), it was the first time someone shot me straight about congestive pvps, granulomas, scaring, etc, etc.

Not that I knew any better back then, but a big fault on my part in my early days was, and/or, something I didn’t take as seriously prior to my first reversal was, the importance of finding the best reversal surgeon I could find. I was worried about money, traveling, all sorts of stupid stuff.

You guys are fortunate to have someone like myself that’s been there, done that (school of hard knocks), and sharing everything I know about this with you without any bias.

I have nothing to loose, and nothing to gain. I don’t want anybody’s money, I just try to be honest, and helpful. I wish I had been so well advised in my early days.

Hindsight is 20/20.


I wouldn’t advise following through with such a procedure. If you choose to go under the knife again, put yourself back together the first time.


yeah i think that makes sense. I think in my mind i’m just worried/scared that 1) it will make me worse 2) it won’t eliminate my pain and I’ll have to try something else. 3) my pain would have gone away on its own eventually but i am impatient and am meddling further?

im sure most people go through these kinds of thoughts.


Definitely, it’s perfectly understandable. Believe me, I was just as nervous, and afraid as the next guy.

I’ve seen to many guys screw around with vasectomy redo’s, and/or converting to open ended with no luck, and end up regretting everything they did trying to resolve things.

That’s not to say I’ve never seen someone say a vasectomy redo didn’t work, but it’s far from the norm far as what I’ve seen. I’ve been reading these kinds of forums for over 7+ years.


@jsh, if you are indeed leaking sperm (granuloma/s), explain to me how/why a vasectomy redo, or converting to open ended would help you in the long run?


i have no intention of considering a re-do. If I have to have surgery again, I intend to have things put back the way they were intended to be originally.


Quick update:

Finally ditched the Vas urologist and went to new general practitioner near me. Dr. Marks thought I should circle back on some conservative measures (mainly steroids, anti-inflammatories, nerve meds, etc). The guy was pretty understanding and had dealt with CPPS patients in the past. He was pretty up front with me that I was the expert in this stuff, and was candid that he thought my pain was probably permanent at this point.

He wasn’t very positive about any of the conservative stuff, including Gabapentin/Lyrica. He was surprisingly positive about CBD treatment, and kind of talked me through how they’d help me get my medical marijuana card. Thought that was pretty interesting.

Ended up prescribing me a medrol pack and 60 days worth of Meloxicam. He was skeptical, and thought I should stop the meloxicam after 30 days if it wasn’t helping.

I started the medrol yesterday and it makes my face feel hot, but that’s about it.